Can I delete all materials of all objects in a scene quickly?

Is there a quick way to delete all materials in the scene? I have a scene containing 20+ materials and all linked to objects. I’d like to remove all the materials from my blender file.

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How to find and eliminate materials that aren’t disappearing with orphan data purge

The files I work with have gone through a lot of versions and are linked a lot, and aren’t that organized. I am trying to set up a new palette of colors and so I stripped off all the materials in a file (this way). When I reloaded the file most of the materials were gone, but there is this list of them that stubbornly remain, including after purging orphan data as explained here.

scene with no materials and orphan data purged, showing a set of materials still present

There are two groups in the scene that may well have been appended or linked from their own files, or the scene may have been created by deleting everything except these pieces, or both. I don’t remember. Nothing is linked here anymore, except that Glossy Black material and that I tracked down in another file, where it was also linked from another file, and I don’t remember that, and you see where this is going.

How can I find where those materials are coming from and remove them?

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Bake new texture out of 2 materials based on textures: Blender Render

Simple question from the new Blender user: I have scanned 3D model I’ve added rendered picture to it and joint 2 meshes ( 3D scanned and based on rendered pic ) now I have 2 Materials with textures for each of those.
I want to bake the new one texture for this and found tons of all kind of Tutorials for this. The problem is when go to Edit mode and select all and create the new Image the image is already created based only one one of the textures then I do Unwrap and and save this new Image. The result is very blurry I did tried to expand the picture to 4096 still same problem.
Also as a result when I bake and do select all in UV Editor I’m getting only part my entire colors based on only one pic missing the second picture and my model is getting a totally different colors views and etc. after I bake.
I did tried removing old Materials after this and creating the new one based on the new texture I baked the same problem, can not see even close to what I had originally.
Should I switch to Cycles or keep using native Blender render for this ?
If I should keep using native Blender render wham am I doing wrong ?

Thank you,


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Common materials that reflect and absorb near infrared radiation

Recently I got into an infrared (IR) photography using a modified DSLR in which the IR cut filter in front of the camera sensor has been removed. According to the usual sensitivity of CCD and CMOS sensors ranges between 200 nm and 1200 nm.

I am looking for common materials that efficiently reflect and absorb the near IR radiation in the range from approximately 700 nm and 1200 nm. With this information it would be easier to compose stunning photographs including these objects. I am hoping to get some suggestions from your own experience or some physics/engineering tables or books that include this kind of information.

Below is a picture showing camera sensitivity to different wavelengths (

The second picture is a sample IR photo (of my own) made with 720 nm filter. Here we can observe leaves, grass and other plants reflecting high amounts of IR light which is represented as white, snow-like colour.

camera sensibility
IR photo

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What concept to apply in order to understand infrared reflectance of materials such as walls and trees?

I know some concepts about the optical reflectance of molecules and phonons. But at the macroscopic level, I don’t know which one to use because we know for sure there is reflectance due to molecules present in the material but phonons may also be present, so how to tackle this problem in order to find the reason behind this type of reflective property of these materials?

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Learn Arabic on my own. Suggest books or materials [on hold]

I am planning to learn Arabic. I want to learn to read, write and speak. Kindly suggest me materials that teach Arabic from basic to advanced via English as a medium.

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Learn Arabic on my own. suggest books or materials

I am planning to learn Arabic. I want to learn to read, write and speak. Kindly suggest me materials that teach Arabic from Basic to advanced via English as a medium.

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Resources for making 3d scans of electrically conductive materials?

I would like to make a 3d scanner for accurately modeling very small metal parts.

I figured I might be able to take advantage of the fact that metal conducts electricity, and avoid using light. This might be cheaper, easier to make, and wouldn’t get thrown off by shiny surfaces.

Basically, I am imagining an object on a rotating stage, and a movable “feeler” probe. The probe is moved towards the object, and when the probe touches the metal object, a circuit is closed. The distance and angle of the probe and object are then recorded, and used to model a cross section of the object.

My question is:
Is this technique already being used? If so, where? Is there a name for this technique? What resources should I look at for researching this?

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Can I use NDA materials to force my employer to pay my salary if I haven’t signed NDA agreement? [on hold]

I’ve been working with this company for a quite some time, we don’t have any formal agreement, I haven’t signed anything. At the same time among our clients were some really big and well known companies, who gave us some documents and asked for NDA.

My employer shared with me those documents, so now I have them.

Right now we have an argument with employer and he refuses to pay me my salary for the last month.

My question is may I use those documents as a way to influence my employer, to force him to pay me? I never signed NDA, it was employer’s initiative to share those documents. Is this legal, wouldn’t it be qualified as blackmailing?

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I can’t import materials or textures from OBJ or 3DS

I am trying to import an object and the zip file I obtained had the .OBJ plus the images that correspond to the materials, but when I import it and I go to the materials and/or textures of the object, they aren’t there.

Also, I tried to import a 3DS file with its MTL, but when I open the materials window, the materials are there, with different names but they are all the same, therefore the object appears all grey.

I would really appreciate if someone could help me out!

Thank you very much for your time!

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