Algorithm for identifying beat grid in music with non-constant tempo

Are there any algorithms for automatically fitting a beat grid to a song (tempo matching) when the song has a slowly changing tempo or BPM?

The output would be a vector of onsets.

Here’s a picture of fitting a grid to a waveform for a part of a song with a constant BPM:

enter image description here

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Which music plays in Bleach episode 283 at 10:33 mins?

I was searching the music which plays in Bleach episode 283 at 10:33 but couldn’t find anywhere.

Can someone please help?

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AirPods abruptly go silent while listening to music from iPhone

UPDATE 2018-09-24: Running iOS 12 for a week now. I haven’t experienced this problem so far. While it seems the issue might be gone, I haven’t had much use of the AirPods this last week.

There are many discussions about problems with AirPods disconnecting all over the net, but I’m not sure I’ve seen my case anywhere.

Basically I listen to music from iPhone with my Airpods. It could be Apple Music or SoundCloud or whatever.

Sometimes the sound just stops – but when I look at my iPhone I notice that the airpods appear to be connected, and the iPod music player or whatever player I was currently using, is still ticking on ie the time progresses; play is not paused.
Each time when this happens I have to do one of these methods:

Temporary fix method 1

  1. pause the music (obviously this is optional, but if I don’t I miss some parts)
  2. disconnect the airpods
  3. connect the airpods
  4. (play the music)

Temporary fix method 2

I’ve found another way which fixes the problem after it happened:

  1. Pause for at least ~10 seconds
  2. Unpause


  • Using iPhone 6s Plus, currently iOS 11.4.1
  • It is very inconvenient. There is no problem with batteries, this could happen on a full charge.
  • after a discussion in the answer below I decided to see what happens if I wait a longer time after the sound goes silent. Turns out the connection is still very much alive because I realized I can still use double taps on the left/right AirPods in order to pause/skip to next song according to my setup. Even pausing/unpairing/skipping this way will not make the sound come back. The iPhone seems to believe that it’s sending music to perfectly sounding AirPods.
  • It kind of often happens after I look at the phone doing something, then put it down on a desk (likely locks it, or it autolocks after some minute) and after the screen goes black and then some more seconds (not sure how long, but it’s very short) the music stops.
  • I get the feeling this happens a lot more when I’m at the office or other places with busy WiFi signals etc all around, but I’m not sure, it could happen almost anytime, it’s hard to say.
  • It’s not exactly reproducible – I can’t cause it to happen, but it normally happens like one or a few times a day.
  • I don’t use the phone much at all so I have no idea if this issue affects phone calls. Just no info here. I just had a call today and was using the AirPods and after 7-8 minutes the other guy started to sound like a monster (people describe this as “underwater” and I can also agree with that). I quickly switched off the AirPods and talked using the iPhone itself.
  • It seems to happen regardless of if I am connected to a Wi-Fi network, or have Wi-Fi turned off and am only listening to music with cellular connection.

Anyone have this issue? When googling most pages suggest to unpair the airpods from the iPhone and re-pair them again. I’ve tried that, I believe, but I don’t think it made anything better.

Kind of similar issues

  • very similar

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How store an Apple Music Token securely?


  • Language: Python
  • Framework: Django
  • Database: Postgres

Our app needs to do background operations that need an Apple Music token. I’m getting a token from Apple after the user had authorized the app to access his account. How do I store it securely in my database? Do I need to encrypt it?

The app already utilizes this token when a user initiates an action but throws it away. I want a way to store it in the database, securely.

How the token is obtained

This page at the Apple Music API docs is sparse but gives an overview on how the token is generated/obtained.

It seems that for every request that has to do with user data, we need to send two tokens: the developer token (JWT generated), and the user token (which is just a long string).

curl -v -H 'Music-User-Token: [music user token]' -H 'Authorization: Bearer [developer token]' ""

The user token is granted when the user authorizes the specific app to read/modify his Apple Music library.

Example user token:


My question is: can the token just be saved as a StringField in the database, can it only be used together with the developer token? or do I need to encrypt it?

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Cannot play more that 30 seconds of music using Deezer SDK with Cordova

I want to develop a musical mobile app using the Javascript Deezer SDK (I have a premium account).
So far I just made a simple sample with a login button and a play button, calling the DZ.player.playTracks function.
When ran on my browser, it works fine. I log in to my account, the track starts from the beginning, and I can listen to it until the end.

The problem is that when I run it on my phone (iOS). At the moment I have an emulator problem, so I connect to the Ionic Server directly with my iPhone. I manage to log in, but even after that, the song starts in the middle of it, and doesn’t last more than 30 seconds.

I wonder, is it because of Cordova ? Or because of Deezer ? I’m sure it is possible to play a sound more than 30 seconds via a browser.

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How do I stop my iPhone from autoplaying iTunes music on my car’s Bluetooth receiver?

I have an iPhone 7 Plus running iOS 12.0

My vehicle has an aftermarket car audio head unit with Bluetooth connectivity.

Whenever I enter my car and start the ignition, my phone will start playing music from the automatically over Bluetooth in my car. Is there a way to stop this? A general search on the internet shows this is the default behavior for iOS.

My iTunes library only contains audio recordings so this behavior is very obtrusive.

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Adding music types to Noise library

I am a fan of video game music, and have some files in .vgm format. I place these files in my Music folder along with .mp3 files. While the mp3 files show up in the Noise library, the .vgm files don’t. Is there currently any way I can add the .vgm files to the library?

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Music video of a girl’s colorful dream – at the end she wakes up abused

A folk music video someone posted on Twitter many years ago, when the service was young.

It shows a young lady walking with an animated baloon across black and white streets. She turns the scenario colorful as she walks, makes sad people smile, everything is very dreamlike. The video mixes real footage and cartoon animation.

She’s actually dreaming. At the end of the video she wakes up tied to a bed with a guy by her side injecting into her blood some drug which makes her dizzy. She falls into sleep again as the guy slips is hand under her skirt.

I suspect the music video may be actually a graduation project with some third-party folk song. I’m trying to identify the video. The song may have been from Mallu Magalhães or a parody made at the time, but this is not one of her videos.

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iOS 12 replacement for default Music-app which can “remember playback position”

I upgrade from iPhone 4GS 16GB iOS 7.0.6 to iPhone 8 Plus 256GB iOS 12
so i can put all my audiobooks on my phone.

but in new Music app remember playback position does not work anymore.
in iTunes it show remember playback position set on set on iphone music files.
so i need a replacement can do it.

i got over 680+ Audiobooks in my iTunes Library set as music type.
why music type vs audiobooks are more tags show by default.
got 600+ tags with Song”TrackName”+Artist”Author”+Album”Title”+Composer”Reader”+Genre+Year+Comments

i try audiobooks apps all i come over was lacking in display all info i want+easy search through i got over 600 audiobooks i want to move to it.

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Is downloading pirated music stealing?

Either way, it should be frowned upon as not a nice thing to do, but would it actually be assur?

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