Are there good tutorial ressources to train myself on vector field equations

I’ve been interested for years in the formalism of maxwell equations or general relativity, but i cannot figure out how those equations including differential operators like gradient, divergence, rotational, and vector product with implicit symmetries are solved.

There are many theoretical resource on this topic, and also I have even been able to follow some at university, but about the training to the real solving, I got the feeling that one needs to practical exercises classes to which I didn’t have access.
Are there good free resources (French or English) anywhere on the net to tutor oneself one that practical topic ?

How can I make vegan ice cream myself without expensive equipment?

I really love vegan ice cream, and I would love to learn how to make it myself. I know the banana trick*, but I want something richer. The ice creams I buy are coconut, cashew or rice based. I have all of those available, but no clue how to turn them into ice cream. I want:

  • a smooth texture
  • ability to incorporate a range of flavours (salted caramel and peanut butter are my favourites)
  • to avoid buying any fancy gadgets – I have a cheap blender and a freezer
  • to avoid using refined sweeteners and cane sugar if possible

*you can freeze a ripe banana, throw it in the blender and zhuzh it, and it tastes pretty creamy and amazingly like ice cream. Life is so awesome.

Question: I always say to myself “what’s the point of life” do you do the same?

I feel like even if someone becomes really successful, why does that even matter you know? Like, who cares if someone makes lots of money, falls in love, gets their dream job, etc… why does all that stuff even matter when eventually everyone dies?