How often is endoscopic ultrasound done to check for gallbladder disease?

Transabdominal ultrasound is usually the first investigation to check for gallbladder disease. When the results are not clear, the next test is often a HIDA scan and, if necessary, a MRCP or ERCP, depending on the suspected problem.

Endoscopic ultrasound is more sensitive than transabdominal ultrasound in showing stones, sludge, polyps and cancer in both the gallbladder and bile ducts.

I’m doing some research about gallbladder tests and I want to get some general idea, preferably from a primary doctor’s viewpoint, about how commonly is endoscopic ultrasound actually used (as a second investigation after transabdominal ultrasound) to check for gallbladder disease, for example, in the US or UK. I don’t need any statistical data, just some estimation – is it widely used today or not really.

How long are Verizon IPs leased for? How often are they re-used? [on hold]

I work for a delivery service and we recently noticed that one of our drivers had a higher than usual number of un-deliverable cash orders, which we allow the driver to keep at the end of the night. Being suspicious of this I checked his IP records on our website and noticed that the same Verizon IP was used to place one of the fake orders and then used again 5 days later by the driver in question to clock in to work (there might have been more activity during those 5 days but I don’t have sufficient log data to know). I was wondering what the how likely it would be for this individual to keep the same IP address over the course of 5 days, and if the IP were released how likely it would be that both individuals would get the same IP address while interacting with us. Does their proximity to the same cell tower make any difference?

Why is Budai often associated with the future Buddha Maitreya?

Many times I’ve heard of Budai (pictured below) being associated with Maitreya, the future Buddha. Why is this so and how widespread is this belief? Wikipedia lists a short verse uttered before Budai’s death:

Maitreya, the true Maitreya
has billions of incarnations.
Often he is shown to people at the time;
other times they do not recognize him.

Is there more to this association or was the simple utterance of that verse so long ago the sole reason for believing that Budai was the bodhisatta?
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Few were cited more often than?

What does this mean, ” few…more often than”?

YEARS LATER, PHYSICISTS would give wistful looks when they talked
about Lorenz’s paper on those equations- that beautiful marvel of a
paper. “By then it was talked about as if it were an ancient scroll,
preserving secrets of eternity. In the thousands of articles that made
up the technical literature of chaos few were cited more often
“Deterministic Nonperiodic Flow. “For years, no single object
would inspire more illustrations,even motion pictures, than the
mysterious curve depicted at the end, the double spiral that became
known as the Lorenz attractor. For the first time, Lorenz’s pictures
had shown what it meant to say, ” This is complicated. “All the
richness of chaos was there.

Why bluetooth speaker often fail after a long time

I connected my computer with my omni 10 speakers.

It works.

After a while it stop working.

The status is still connected but no sound come up.

To fix that I got to remove the bluetooth speaker and then try to connect again.

Then it works.


There is a similar question here.

Automatically reconnect to Bluetooth speaker

However, unlike that problem the status of my bluetooth speaker is connected. Also the solution there of turning on and off bluetooth doesn’t work.

Only removing the device and then walk to the speaker, press bluetooth button and then readd the device works.

After a while of not being used, the status remain connected but the speaker simply don’t produce any sound.

How often should you clean the infuser in a Delonghi Magnifica ESAM3300?

Instructions on how to clean the infuser are plentiful. However, I cannot find any rules of thumb as to how often the infuser should be cleaned.

  • After descaling? That seems too long.
  • Each week? Month?
  • Every 100 (50? 1000?) cups?

Nothing I have found offers any guidance.

I think that I used “A few” too often in this text – is the another way to say the same thing?

I am describing a part of literature in introduction of my paper with the following way(I studied on effect of blade thickness in CFD methods):

A few authors experimentally investigated the effect of blade
thickness on the Wells turbine performance. They changed the blade
thickness from hub to tip in their work………((two authors investigated))

Despite prior authors, a few authors also kept blade thickness
constant from hub to tip in their experimental study. Takao et al.
[13] …..((three authors investigated))

As revealed above, in the past two decades, many investigations on
blade thickness of the Wells turbine are performed by experimental
studies. But there is a difficulty in the interpretation of
experimental results because…….So, by using CFD methods, many
efforts is performed in order to overcome ……[9, 16, 17]…((only
two authors regarding the blade thickness investigated))

As described above, a few authors investigated the effect of blade
thickness on Wells turbine performance by using CFD methods.

I think that I used “A few” too much. I am grateful for suggested ways to make it clearer and better. Could you please suggest some words to replace “A few” and “Despite”?