Casting delayed resurrection on oneself [on hold]

Knowing the location of the corpse of oneself in spacetime, is it somehow possible to set up (e.g. in combination w/ other spells) and cast on it a successful delayed resurrection? Or maybe even a delayed true auto-resurrect w/out the corpse? The question isn’t edition-specific (in fact, I’m just curious whether it’s possible at all)

Encrypt password for oneself on paper

Assume the following:

You have to encrypt a file (ZIP-file) containing import information. This file should be password-protected and you want to leave yourself the password encrypted (on paper, maybe bury it somewhere in your yard, hide it behind the walls, you name it). How could you encrypt it so that you might be able to recover it? You might as well assume extreme situations like suffering a stroke (and recovering) or becoming enemy of the state and thus being pursued by government agencies. Apart from a secure physical location (six feet under) it should also be logically secured.

Some thoughts:

  • tabula recta might work -> how long could passwords be (more than 24 characters?)
  • the information to decrypt the password should be self-containing -> hinting to things only you yourself know or something similar
  • or does it make no difference if I buried a flash drive somewhere?

Thank you for your thoughts on this one.

Update 2017/12/31:

I checked the key sharing schemes article on Wikipedia. Actually this is slightly beyond the scope of my question – although I like the idea of splitting the key!

I am more concerned about proper encryption. I would really like to find a way to create a proper key and encrypt a password.