Unique permissions for site pages + document library in SharePoint Online

My organization has set up an intranet SharePoint with different departments contributing to the site. As administrator, I’d like to assign unique permissions to site pages and document libraries.

For instance, in the Human Departments section of our intranet, I’d like to assign 2-3 people permissions for only managing the HR portion of our SharePoint page. The HR department consists of about 5 pages and 5 document libraries.

I’ve tried creating a Group but only see an option to assign permissions based on the whole site? How can I specify permissions to only certain pages without assigning it to the whole site?

Get user logged on sharepoint online

I need to create notifications for every user who didn’t read a specific new on the site. To do this i need to see who user is logged in the site and then save this info into a list on Sharepoint. The problem is that i don’t know where can i get this info on Sharepoint Online.
I whould like to do this using javascript.

Someone can help me whith this. Thanks

Question: How can people play fast online games like Streetfighter despite time difference between them?

For example in Street Fighter even miliseconds is important for blocking or attacking? both people cannot see the same frame right? its so fast to play online i guess? how?

Set OOB theme to a Modern SharePoint Online Site

In our new Modern Sites we can change the themes easily from a list of default ones. As shown below.

enter image description here

Now as per my assumptions the names of these default themes are Red, Blue, Orange etc.

I am provisioning new Modern Sites using PnP code. I have seen many articles mentioning easy to create a custom theme and set them. (PS cmd: Set-PnPWebTheme OR c#: Tenant.SetWebTheme)

But how can we set one of the default ones? Like while provisioning a modern site I want to set “Red” as a default theme for my site collection.

Requirements(Port,other req) for API call from offline linux server to online API service(eg: sendgrid)

I want run some email campaigns from application which is deployed on offline linux server. Suppose I want to use API of online services for email campaigns.

How to proceed for this in case of ports of server or what would the prerequisites ?
Thanks in Advance.

Internal DNS name for sharepoint online

I want to be able to connect to SharePoint Online using a custom URL, Ex; intranet.domain.se.

Simply creating a cname record to redirect traffic doesn’t work since SharePoint online uses the URL to route sharepoint requests to the right companies sharepoint site (intrernally at microsoft).

So even though intranet.domain.se points to domain.sharepoint.com in our internal DNS, microsoft can’t route the traffic to our sharepoint site since the cname in the URL is not readable for their IIS server.

Instead I’m routed to their front end webservers (WFE’s) status page.

Anyone know if there is any magical way to make this work?
Preferably without using IIS or any other webserver to redirect traffic.