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Ontario non-compete clause: can new employer hide NCC requirement, until time of job start?

This is in Ontario, Canada in an IT company.

Recently I have received a job offer from a US based company, at their branch in Ottawa. The company and I have been in discussion for weeks negotiating the terms, at no point I was told about a non-compete clause. The offer letter I was sent also did not mention about it, it said there is a privacy agreement that will need to be signed, but the privacy agreement was not sent to me. I assumed this is a standard privacy agreement to keep information private and I took the offer. May be this was my mistake, I should have explicitly asked to send the privacy document before accepting the offer.

One day before the start date, the company sent me the privacy agreement, to my surprise, includes a non-compete clause, which states if I am terminated by myself or by the company for any just or unjust cause, I cannot take employment of any of their competitor for 12 months. There is no clarification what is meant by competitor.

By this time, I have already resigned from my old job and made significant plans to join the new one. When I asked the new company why they kept it hidden or what is the definition of competitor, they do not provide any straight answer, just keeps hinting this is not a big deal, everyone signs it. They say they cannot strike out the clause and want me to sign with acknowledgement that it was done voluntarily and without any duress or undue influence by the Company. I do have emails where I expressed my concerns and their reply.

I would not have taken the offer if I knew about the non-compete or at least negotiated before I resigned from my previous company. I feel I have been deliberately put into this position, where it is difficult to walk out and become jobless, which I am not in a position to become.

Is it lawful for a company in Canada to hide substantial clause on the contract until the very last moment?

Do I have any other option than to be forced into the NCC?

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Is it illegal to repair vehicles in Ontario without a mechanic’s license?

I have a business license from the province of Ontario and an HST number so that I can file my taxes. I have an accountant who handles all of my taxes, so I don’t think I will have any issues there.

I’m wondering if there exists any legislation against repairing vehicles for profit without having a mechanic’s license. If my customers are made aware that I am repairing their vehicle while unlicensed, am I allowed to proceed?


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Question: Has anyone heard of Crivottech Systems out of Toronto Ontario?

Question: Has anyone heard of Crivottech Systems out of Toronto Ontario?

Question: Has anyone heard of Crivottech Systems out of Toronto Ontario?

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Metallic rock identification from Ontario Canada

This rock was found in Lake/Lac Clair near Sturgeon Falls Ontario Canada in about 2 feet of water next to the edge of the lake. It can easily fit in my hand. You can see a size comparison in the first picture with the rock next to a Canadian quarter.

There is a fair amount of metallic sparkle when you hold the rock in the light. The bumps on the rock shine a little brighter than the rest of the surface. The rock is not very heavy and actually feels a little lighter than expected. The surface flakes a little but it doesn’t leave residue on your hands.

I assume the slight brown colouration on one side is film from the lake floor but it doesn’t rub off. The colour in the photograph is pretty accurate.

Thank you in advance for any information that helps identify this rock.

Rock size comparison
enter image description here

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Calculating capital gains tax on sale of second home in Ontario

I have a few questions on capital gains tax on a 2nd property in Ontario, Canada.

1) Is capital gains calculated based on Sale price – Current Mortgage, or Sale price – purchase price? Im assuming the latter for my next question.

2) If I sold house today for $550k, and purchased it at 250k, what would be my profit ? Please correct me.

my calculation is as follows:

550 – 260 = 290k , Initial gain

290k * .5 = 145k , 145 is taxable

145k * ~.37.70 (not sure on this tax rate) = $54,665 K is taxed from my sale price of 550k,

Leaving me with 550k – $54,665 – Mortgage remaining as my profit ?

Any help or correction would be appreciated, thanks

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