How to take the PCA components and perform a GLM with them alongside other data?

I have got a dataset that represents around 30 characteristics from a few hundred samples. Some of these characteristics could be condensed into 2 PCs as shown by a PCA. Now I would like to take these 2 PCs (which retains most of the information of 14 characteristics) and generate a model that uses these 2 PCs alongside the remaining characteristics. Is it possible to take the results of the PCA and merge it with the existing data and can this be used to perform a GLM?

As a side note, there are gaps in the data where values were not recorded. From what I understand the PCA skips these rows so to merge the data it would need to take this into consideration.

Facebook won’t let me post in other languages

I am an admin on several Facebook pages, and have previously been able to post in different languages.

However the last year or so, it is as if this function has frozen. When I click on the “write post in another language”, I get English as a default but when trying to change or add any languages, it is as if it freezes. I can’t search for any languages at all.

I tried contacting Facebook, but they haven’t responded.

Anyone else experiencing this?

Plugin that would allow WordPress Authors to “follow” other Authors and query “Activity Info” from that

I have a WordPress blog that is all user based Authors that submit content and such. Currently in the site, you can view other authors profiles but basically just view their content from the author.php template.

Where would I even begin to build a plugin (or find a plugin) that allows authors to “follow” other authors and then on another page query the authors they follow to show certain content from their followed authors like comments they made, posts they made, etc.

I don’t want to add BuddyPress or go that route but I have seen similar plugins for BuddyPress but not for just WordPress.

I imagine I need to do something like create an array of users they follow in their user meta then query those users to display the “activity”. Is that sound right?. Any insights, tutorials, plugins etc that may help get my foot in the door for this?


18.04 “Software & Updates” won’t let me select/deselect repositories/PPA’s in “Other Software” tab

In 18.04, Software & Updates won’t let me select/deselect repositories/PPA’s in the “Other Software” tab.

However, if while in terminal I type:

sudo software-properties-gtk

I am able to select/deselect repositories/PPA’s in the “Other Software” tab.

Anybody have suggestions on where to look for a problem, or a fix?

Update #1:

At the login screen, if I select GNOME or Unity, then it all works fine. If I select GNOME on Xorg or Ubuntu, it doesn’t work. Also, if I start Synaptic, which asks for the admin password after launch, it all works fine too.

Are there other methods of reading the Uchiha Tablet?

One of the most notable characters in Naruto is Zetsu. I don’t know if its just me, but I have developed a very keen interest towards Zetsu and his abilities. I understand that White Zetsus are all the human beings that Kaguya enslaved when she first cast the Tsukiyomi on an entire village. And I also know that Black Zetsu is the manifestation of Kaguyas will right before she was sealed by her two sons.

However, what seems to confuse me is that both Madara and Itachi stated that the only way to read the Stone tablet in the Uchiha hideout was if the person had the Sharingan or any of its deviations. Zetsu on the other hand, was able to read it, and even made changed to the Sacred text left by Hagoromo without having neither the Sharingan nor the Rinnengan.

The Wiki states that white and Black zetsu had both the Mangekyou Sharingan and Rinnengan but that is most definitely super wrong. Through out the manga/anime zetsu’s eyes were shown many times and even during his fights with the five Kages and the Mizukage(while protecting the feudal lords in the 4th great Ninja war), he never showed the ability to use any Kekkai Genkai except Wood release.

How did Zetsu acquire both the Mangekyou and Rinnengan (Before the time of the Senju and Uchiha clan). If not then
does this mean there are other methods to reading the tablets which Zetsu may have used?

Why hasn’t anyone tried making two propellers facing upwards and the other two facing downwards?

Within a quadcopter, I know usually it’s all the propellers facing upwards or all of them facing downwards. Why hasn’t anyone tried making two propellers facing upwards and the other two facing downwards? Do some forces cancel out and renders that method ineffective?