Why do people say they like “art” and “photography”, instead of just “art”?

Always puzzle me to hear people list photography (in the context of it being art) and something different than art. Is there a reason for this historically?

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Why can people write Torah sheBal Peh nowadays?

This is a follow up to: Why was Torah SheBe’Al Peh not allowed to be written?.

The Gemara in Temurah (14b) states that one may not write Torah sheBal Peh. It then states an exception that was made so that Torah would not be forgotten.

ותנא דבי רבי ישמעאל: כתוב לך את הדברים האלה – אלה אתה כותב, אבל אין אתה כותב הלכות! אמרי: דלמא מילתא חדתא שאני; דהא רבי יוחנן ור”ל מעייני בסיפרא דאגדתא בשבתא, ודרשי הכי: +תהלים קי”ט+ עת לעשות לה’ הפרו תורתך, אמרי: מוטב תיעקר תורה, ואל תשתכח תורה מישראל.

Similarly, the Mishna and Gemara were only able to be written because otherwise Torah would have been forgotten from Israel. The general prohibition seemed to have been kept for other writings. (Even after the Gemara was written, the Geonim refrained from writing other works.) Yet what allows any work of Torah to be written nowadays? Not every work is preventing “Torah from being forgotten from Israel”!

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How many groups of 5 with a given group leader can be selected from 12 people?

Out of 12 people, only 2 groups of 5 can be formed

My answer: C(12,5) = 792

I feel like my answer might be incorrect because 1 of the 5 people should be a leader. Does this change anything?

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What would happen if people are constantly subjected to (fe)male hormones

In my story 16 pillars drop on earth, each have a different effect, two of these continuously add male or female hormones to any organic material.
what would happen to;

  • Unborn children,
  • pre-puberty children,
  • adults.

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What names of people (real or mythical) could a person compare oneself to in order to give the air of super-normal strength? [closed]

I was watching a show called In the Army now, and at 20:03, the journalist refers to himself as иван поддубный, which was translated as superman: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=js955f5zdXU. So my question is, what are some other well-known (assuming that иван поддубный is well-known) references that alludes to one’s super-normal strength. For example, in English, I could make a comparison to either Schwarzeneggar or Hercules, both of whom are very well known

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how to search people in search box in sharepoint 2013

how do I search for people from AD in a search box provided in SharePoint 2013 Mysite.
enter image description here

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Movie about “flying spheres with saws” which killed people?

My memory is vague but more than 20 years ago there was a horror movie in tv where there were “flying spheres with saws” which killed people by cutting them, and IIRC there was a kid/teen with a gun who shoot at these. Never could find it in my searchs. Any idea which movie could be?

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Studying Java programming, where do I watch people develop a program from start to end?

I am a computer science engineering student, studying Java programming. I am studying with a book and university slides. I already have some knowledge in programming in C++ and Python.
I want/need to practice and actually develop small programs/software in Java with (preferably) or without GUI, from start to end (or to a decent progress point). I have searched for free MOOCs in Alison, Coursera, edX, Microsoft Virtual Academy, Pluralsight, Udacity, Udemy. The free courses are just for beginners, basic Java. The intermediate and advanced level courses I found are related to Android development.

Where do I practice or watch people developing software in Java at an intermediate or advanced level (for free)?

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Referring to Korean people as an ethnic group and not as political entities?

While rereading a question and answer I posted here I started thinking about how one would refer to Koreans as an ethnic whole rather than as the currently separate political countries they are.

I generally know that 韓国人 can be used to refer to the people of South Korea and 北朝鮮人 can be used to refer to the people of North Korea. But, what would one call Korean people all together in a way that isn’t clumsy such as 韓国人と北朝鮮人?

Are there political implications to using the de facto term of 朝鮮人 to mean Korean regardless of which country they come from? Is there a more neutral way to express this, possibly 高麗人, or is that not in use?

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In how many ways can ten people be seated in a row so that a certain two of them are not next to each other?

What I’m thinking: Find total ways that the ten people can be seated, which is 10!.

Then I take that number and subtract the ways the these two people would be seated next to each other. I do this by treating these two people as a single space, which leaves the eight other students plus that space consisting of the two. This would mean 9!

Then, 10! – 9! = 3265920 ways for the ten people to be seated so that a certain to are not next to each other.

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