Question: I want to start wearing wigs, but I’m afraid people will judge me?!!?

So I want to protect my hair and let it grow long. I constantly have been putting heat on it and it’s been damaging it. Plus I do hot yoga everyday so I sweat a lot and don’t want to keep flat ironing and frying my hair.

I’m okay wearing the wig in public around friends and family. But I wear my hair short to work, if I show up with long hair now I don’t want coworkers to judge me or ask questions. How do I own it or what do I say? If they ask if the hair is fake should I be honest? I don’t want them to look at me weird. Should I get 16in long vs 18in long so as not to be so flashy and obvious? HELP

BTW IM 55 tall and I have mixed girl hair, it’s wavy.

Alter or ego at heart of the people or what is the state as such of being at silence i.e. not even…

Mostly concerned with knowing the issues that I have with psychology, I would like to know the answer of this basic question that always gives me no real interpretation as such.

The understanding of the answer can take me a long way in understanding the practices and text.

How can I know the people following me just use multiple cars but not a GPS tracker?

Dealing with a very toxic situation, I am listened/spied on by my neighbor and his friend and they follow me as soon as I leave my home, be it on foot or by car.

Is there a trick I can use to determine if they are just using multiple cars to follow me (doing it professionally like cops maybe) or if they have planted a GPS tracker, either permanently inside the car or just stuck underneath it?

I bought a RF detector like this one but this has been ineffective for various reasons:

  • It is catching background RF noise.
  • I am driving alone, so I can’t sweep the car while driving.
  • The tracker could send location either every 5 minutes or only on demand (via SMS).
    So this solution is not working.

I have caught them following me 3 times (by luck maybe), but I just wonder if they are trying to make me believe they follow me by car to make me stop looking inside the car for the tracker, if there is one.

I know for sure that I have been followed because if I rent a hotel room I spend the night awake because they prevent me from sleeping by renting the room next door and making small noises loud enough to awake me. So this costs me 50€ every time for nothing.

Or if they dare to show their faces in front of me.

Question: Why do people think of the nostalgia-cycle pendulum in pop-culture as being a strictly 20…

When clearly there is a 30 year and a 40 year nostalgia-cycle. I personally myself tend to think of it as a 30 year-cycle as that is when people who grew up back than are now married with income and can recreate they’re childhood for they’re children. Why is it viewed so rigidly as a 20-year cycle and nothing else really.