Google photos app – how to sync photos on google drive and remove from phone

I am facing slight issues with the sync in google photos app, where I have set it to sync the photos found on device, to my Google drive. It is working alright but it had also downloaded some photos from drive.

I only want it to function in such a way that it simply moves my device photos to drive and I don’t have to see them in my device. Don’t want any photos present on drive to be taking up space on my device.

Any help would be appreciated. Please enlighten me on how the sync actually works – as per my knowledge, sync would usualy try to maintian consistent files on the device and drive, but I only want it to move files to drive.

Why i got messages that my phone is not connected in whatsapp web even thou

The message is not true. My phone is connected to internet.

My phone whatsapp works just fine.

But in whatsapp web, all messages I sent won’t go through because whatsapp web thinks that my phone is not connected to the internet.

The computer itself is connected to internet. Whatsapp web didn’t say that my computer is not connected to internet. Whatsapp web says that my phone is not connected to internet. That is simply FALSE.

And it happens recently. It happens once in a while.

Why does this happens?

Can any engineer from Whatsapp gives us a bit of insight why their software makes this horrible conclusions?


Question: Is he cheating on me? Won’t let me see his phone again.?

My boyfriend and I have been dating for over two years now. Last year, I found out he was cheating on me with men online. Just through pictures. The facts are I found out that he was into things he was afraid he couldn’t tell me about. Like, he was into wearing an male chasity cage and I guess Adult Diaper stuff too. (He said he wasn’t into that, it’s just what some other users online were into)
I stayed and we’ve since then moved in together. He got on depression medicine and the sex dropped off the face of the earth for both of us. I know during this time he was not cheating.
In the last three months, he got off. And suddenly, the sex is back. But some things have been concerning me.
He said in the past he didn’t want me to use the cage with him, and he’s dead set on not trying anything new with me and him. I don’t know if this is because he’s still embarrassed or if simply doesn’t want to do it with me. But I found his dildo in his drawer when he asked me to find his keys the other day. It’s obciously been used.
Then, I went to YouTube on our shared computer and when I looked up “A” I found Adult Cloth Diapers in several different ways of search. It looked like he was considering buying them off of Wish.
I got curious and I begin to look to see if he had any, he has none. But I did find his cage in a different area than when we had last used it.
Now these all could of been self pleasure from when he was watching porn or whatever. But I don’t want to get hurt again