color to black & white photo…back to color mishap

What do you think I pushed to make my Canon 6D take black and white photos? Initially, I was taking colored photos. About 12 pictures were converted in gray and then I continued to take colored pictures. I didn’t notice anything until after I came home and downloaded the pictures. I was switching back and forth taking pictures and video clips as well.

Is there anyway I can convert those pictures back in the original color with any adobe CS6 programs or lightroom?

So new and embarrassed,


2018 – Economical, quality home photo printer recommendations

So I have a similar question to this one, but it’s about 5 years old now:
printer recommendations

Since printing technology is always developing, consider this the updated question for late 2018.

My parents do not have a lot of money but they want to be able to print a bunch of photos from home on occasion. Since they don’t print very frequently, they often have the ink-drying-up problem that leads to clogs/poor print quality, which means more maintenance routines that use up even more ink and cost them a lot of money in the long run. So I’m planning on getting them a new printer for Christmas.

My question has two parts:

  1. What would you get them today if these were your parents (presuming you love your parents)

  2. In 2018, are toner photo prints usually good enough these days that they could be a good replacement for ink prints?

I was thinking about getting them a color laser printer + backup toner + laser photo paper bundle, but I’m hoping for some feedback on quality and models (or even feedback that suggests a better inkjet).

So far, I was looking at either a Canon imageClass MFC or a Samsung Xpress. The Xpress seems “simpler” which would be great for my parents and has cheaper toners but worse yield (roughly $0.044 per page vs imageClass’s $0.038). However, I have no idea what the image quality for a printed photo is truly like on either of these, and I rarely print photos from my own color laser (a Brother MFC).

There’s another part of me that whispers, “If you want good photo quality, laser can’t compete with pigment ink…” so I’ve considered a printer that might be more geared specifically to simple printing of 4×6 photos, like the Canon SELPHY. While it sounds like the print quality is great, I assume (maybe incorrectly?) they would be susceptible to the same kind of ink-drying issues that my parents face on their current printer. Also, the cost per print is much higher (roughly $0.28), but if it doesn’t dry out and clog like other inkjets do, maybe it’s more feasible… (EDIT: One of the reviews for the SELPHY said the ink doesn’t dry out like inkjets do)

So all that said, what would you guys suggest today (or if there’s something new and better coming out between now and Christmas 2018) ?

Photo Management Software

I am searching for a photo management software to help organize and tag all the photos gathered for my genealogical research. I know that there is a lot of software that allows me to adit the Meta-data and to use keywords, but I also would like to be able to save comments on some part of a photo. For example, I want to be able to give names to persons on big family photos without just writing something like “2nd row, 8th person”.
Does anyone know a photo management software that allows me to do this?


I’m doing a research project requiring participants to look at a photo for ten seconds and then answer…

I want to read up on some past studies that might’ve done something similar. Has anybody seen anything like this?

For example, one picture depicts a woman with a large, distracting necklace. A question that follows is “what color nail polish was the woman wearing?”

License plate photo blockers

I know in some, if not all US states, that blocking your license plate from being read is illegal.

There are companies that sell license plate blockers. Granted, none of the products actually work. I dont believe that the fact they dont work prevents them from any prosecution. Not to mention it is false advertising.

Then why are companies that sell products that are solely advertised for blocking cameras from taking photographs of your plate allowed to exist?