Capture Photos while Streaming

At the moment, i have Pi Camera > Pi > Ethernet Cable > Pi > Display, and using the codes from, i am able to stream video from one Pi to another.

What i was wondering, how would i need to change these codes to allow me to take photos while streaming? i did have a python script that allowed me to do this by pressing a button, if i can incorporate it somehow

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See protected photos from a Nikon D80 on memory card

I have Nikon D80. I take photoes with it and when looking through I may mark some of them as ‘protected’ using the key button.

Is there any way to see which images were protected when I put the memory card into a laptop?

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Retaining details in photos – Capture One vs. Lightroom

I am considering going to Capture One (C1) as I feel that I can get better results quicker than with Lightroom (LR). I should note that I am going to keep the Photographer bundle from Adobe regardless as I need Photoshop (PS) for some stuff (and projects for work), but I am looking to replace my RAW processing software. It appears that C1 can play nicely with PS and most of my edits when being sent to PS are one-way, as I do not usually go back and edit an image that has been edited in PS again in the RAW processor.

However, the one thing that I am concerned about is detail retention between the two programs. From what I can see, LR is perhaps a tad sharper than C1 with similar settings. Obviously I had to be at 200%+ zoom to notice this difference, and from normal viewing distance or 100% or less, it was not really noticeable.

I am just a big stickler for details as I do a lot of landscapes so I would like to maintain as much detail as possible.

Is there any real difference between Capture One and Lightroom, and can I compensate for it somehow?

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iOS 11.0.x merged the photos of my daughters into a single “Person ID” in the People functionality

iOS 11.0.x merged the photos of my daughters into a single “Person ID” in the People functionality. I know I can select photos of my older daughter who is incorrectly identified as my younger daughter manually with pain. but I have 2 questions:

1) since the photos of my daughters were ID’d as different people in my iphone prior to iOS 11, can this all be straightened out without having to manually ID all the “Not This Person” effort?

2) once I get my older daughter off of my younger daughter’s “People ID” do I add my older daughter to “people” as a distinct new person? (btw, when I select a photo that includes my older daughter and “swipe up”…my older daughter is not shown as a person included in the picture that I can add…)


p.s. As much as I have heard the the new facial recognition software is improved in iOS 11, I have to say that the algorithm is doing a much poorer job with non-caucasian faces. This is an unfortunate unintentional race bias in the algorithm I expect…just another reason that is hard to be “brown” I guess. Maybe Apple will hopefully figure out that the majority of the people in the world (and all the people in Asia who Apple is planning to drive their growth on in the next several years) are “brown” and they will invest more time in making facial recognition software be non-biased ethnically.

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iPad app to convert multiple photos to a single pdf

Does anyone know an app to convert multiple photos from the iPad Camera Roll into a single PDF?

Alternatively, an app that lets you take photos with the iPad camera and saves them into a single PDF would be good – ability to rotate photos is important as this is mostly for ‘scanning’ document pages using the iPad.

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Is there a way to use Google Photos API without requiring authentication through user prompt?

I have some previous experience with the youtube and youtube analytics api where there was an option to use to essentially create an offline situation for your own user account api access. By creating the key in the developer console you could add that to a custom oAuth credentials. The user account you were logged into would then generate the access token and refresh token needed. I do not see Google Photos API listed as an option here. I would prefer not to create a website just to get a prompt once (myself).

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Important photos that was on my phone

I had a Windows Phone 7, and it was stolen.
I thought my pics were backed to Google but i cant find them anywhere. Where does Windows Phone Backup pictures.

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Google Photos sync to Windows

Ok, this is a long shot but let’s see if is anyone have an answer.

I’m using Google Photos and the Windows desktop app “Backup and Sync”. When I upload a picture on my computer (e.g. from my camera) it syncs to Google Photos. My mobile phone (Android) also uploads to Google Photos – great. I have configured Google Drive to “Automatically put your Google Photos in a folder in My Drive”. That way all the pictures get synced back to my PC, both from mobile and from my camera. The camera pictures actually don’t become duplicated since I use the same folder for upload/download.

The problem occurs when using Shared Libraries. My wife has a shared album. When she snaps a photo it is automatically shared. I have configured to automatically download all photos that are shared. So they end up in my Google Photos. This is awesome since I have all my photos backed up in a single library: my camera, my phone, my wifes phone.

The problem is that the Drive setting “Automatically put your Google Photos in a folder in My Drive” isn’t working for the photos saved from the shared library. So I get 2/3 pictures to my Drive. The Drive folder syncs to my computer. So when I open Lightroom to build a photo album from the synced Drive folder I only have my own photos, not the photos from my wifes phone.

So the question is: does anyone know how to automatically save pictures from a shared library and have these uploaded to my Drive? Alternative would be to sync the Google Photos library to my computer but I can’t find an app to do that besides using the “put in my Drive” setting.

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iCloud just display the photos and do not download them as the iPhone does

I’ve always been an iPhone user, however, I just recently bought my first MacBook Pro and one of the things that made me upset was iCloud, it downloaded all my photos and videos to the device, I’d like it to do as it is on the iPhone only displays the photo, however, it only downloads it when we open it. It’s possible?

PS: I researched a little bit about, however, I did not find anything: /

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What will happen if I export a 720p video in Photos to 1080p?

I’m considering exporting all the videos currently stored in my Apple Photos library. These are made up of a mix of different video “qualities,” including 1080p and 720p.

When I choose the File > Export > Export [number] Videos command, a dialog box appears prompting me to specify a quality of the exported files, e.g., 720p, 1080p, etc.

If I choose 1080p, I presume that my 1080p videos will be preserved in a lossless way. That is what I want.

However, I don’t understand what will happen to my 720p videos. Will the software export them in a lossless way as 720p, i.e., keep the files as-is, or will the software do something else? Will it try to re-encode them to “up” the 1080p format, potentially increasing the file size?

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