Ubuntu 16.04, pinned application to launch bar disappears

I am running Ubuntu 16.04 in a VM (VMware). I recently ran out of disk space. So I created another virtual disk in the VM (extending the disk space of the VM). I moved few applications from /opt/ to the new partition /media/username/disk2/apps/, like Qt, Clion and intelliJ.
So I updated the .desktop files in ~/.local/share/applications, but still not working. I ran the applications from their new path, and locked them on launch bar. But when I restart the VM, they all disappear!
After looking aroung for a fix, I also tried running gtk-launch clion.desktop, still not running. The only app that remains on the launcher is google chrome. All others failed!

Any idea on how to fix this?

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How to start a “Recent” shortcut from a pinned app in admin mode?

I pinned Visual Studio to the taskbar and in the Properties and I set it to run as an Administrator. That works: when I click on a icon, it opens VS in Administrator mode. However, when I right click on it, and select one of the “Recent” solutions, it opens Visual Studio in non-admin mode.

How can I get it to open the recent solutions as an admin.

I am aware of a similar question, but the solution involves setting the exe for Visual Studio to be run as an admin. This means that Visual Studio will always run as admin. I do not want that. I only want it to run as admin from the pinned shortcut.

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Is there a way to decolorize Safari 12 pinned tab icons?

Safari 12’s pinned tabs now show garish colored icons rather than the subdued grayscale icons of previous versions. Is there a way to decolorize these icons?

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Windows 10 – Folder opens with a long delay after clicking on Pinned Folder

Windows 10 – Folder opens with a long delay after clicking on Pinned Folder.
I have noticed that this problem does not occur with a fresh Windows Installation but after either we install Windows updates.

Video for the issue

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Disable pinned tabs being in every window in Safari 9

Is there any way to disable pinned tabs showing up in every Safari window? I typically have several Spaces going and the pinned tabs are only relevant to those spaces or even just to the specific Safari window.

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Open entire bookmarks folder in pinned tabs in Firefox

In Firefox, I can right click on a bookmarks folder and select “Open all in Tabs”.

Is there a way to do the same, but open all the links in the folder as pinned tabs in the current window? Is there an extension for this?

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Microsoft Word: documents won’t stay pinned

I’m using Microsoft Word for Mac (version 16.15) on a Macbook Pro (Sierra version 10.12.6). One annoying thing I’ve noticed is that in File->Recent, there’s a place for Pinned documents, and I’ve tried to use it for two documents, but one of them routinely disappears from the Pinned list. I can re-pin it, but eventually it goes away again. (It might disappear when I boot up, but I haven’t tried to keep a log of when I notice it being present or absent from the list.) There’s nothing special about the document; it’s named ~/Documents/TO DO/To Do.docx, and there aren’t any symlinks involved. The only special thing is that I’ve added it to System Preferences->Users & Groups->Login Items so that it is opened right away when I start. (It’s fair to ask why I want to pin it when it already comes up at startup, but I’ve definitely run into cases where I needed to find it quickly in the pinned list.) The other document has stayed reliably in the Pinned list.

Is there a known issue with files becoming unpinned?

In case I want to debug it myself, does the list of pinned documents exist as a file somewhere?

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Windows 10 taskbar multiple monitor – Show pinned apps + only active apps on each monitor

I was able to get only active apps to show on the taskbar for each monitor in a multi-monitor setup via this thread:

Show corresponding icons for each monitor on task bar

That works great, now I know which apps are active on each monitor cause the taskbar no longer shows all apps; just the ones active on the particular monitor.

However, this setting removes the pinned apps from the other monitors except for the main one.

My question is, is there anyway to show only active apps (by setting Show taskbar buttons on [Taskbar where window is open] in the Taskbar Settings) + pinned apps on all taskbar? On hindsight, pinned apps should appear on all taskbar anyway coz… they are afterall supposed to be “pinned”.

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What happens if you get hooked while you’re getting pinned?

I got this random scenario in my head recently, which I wanted to test myself but can’t currently. Suppose you get pinned by an enemy Reinhardt and then, while Reinhardt is charging away with you, you get hooked by an enemy Roadhog. What happens? Does the hook get broken? Does it not connect at all? What happens if it attaches to the victim? Do they get pulled out of the pin?

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