Question: Is it normal that i am pissed off that my dad gave away some of my grommet mushrooms that i grew…

My dad said ” i didn’t think you would mind but i gave some of the mushrooms you grew to a family friend because he is wanted to sautee them with steak tonight” yes yes i do mind. Quite a bit actually i was going to use them to make an omelet with those tomorrow.

Question: Help im pissed off/with anger i need some help … some intelligent help too?

i feel like my heart is cold and has needles on it.. i feel very mad and when i seek help i start to cry… i want some help… even if im in my home that does not mean i will be better… im in my home right now and i feel ******… this cant continue… really im starting to cry right now….


OK so hes like being a ***** i did nothing and hes has thee NEEEEERVE to post on fb like all through out the day and not message me once. Like? um? thought you were somewhere, not at home posting on fb and being an asshole and ignoring me for 3-4 days in a row and when you finally talk to me you say “Sorry mum told me to study with this girl, schools hard” Like omg you’ve been studying for 4 days and you havent mastered anything? maybe you master-bated while watching gay porn buts wHHHHHHHHHHHHATS new??????Well we’ve been dating for half a year and you still dunno my favorite color. SO SCREW YOU AND WHOEVERR THE **** THAT GIRL IS i hate him rn shouldnt have even bothered with that piece of **** left overs 8 ex’s my *** put the leftovers back in the fridge mom im getting myself a real dude. We’re at university and i still dont know who that girl is, like honestly better not be my roomie. havent seen her for some days..