Question: Python Programming, Using indefinite loops?

I have to write a program that shows caffeine after life
1 Cup contains 130 mg of caffeine, 13% is eliminated after every hour, Write a program that allows the user to enter the number of cups of coffee consumed. Write an indefinite loop (while) that
calculates the caffeine amounts in the body until the number drops to less than 65 mg
This is what I got
cup = float(input(“Enter number of cups of coffee:”))
caff = cup * float(130)
while caff

Choosing PC for Programming. Fastests C++ app build

I am choosing hardware to build a PC. The ways I want to use it:

Programming C++, Qt, Compiling, deploying

Streaming how I am coding (not games)

Virtualization. Running many instances of VMs or dockers

I am looking for a processor. I do not need to play games at all, but streaming requires at least a nice integrated video chip.

I want the CPU to support the fastest M2 SSD and 32gb of the fastest RAM. The main concern is the CPU choice according to my tasks. Shall I choose AMD with many cores or stay with Intel, which has better single thread performance?

Do functional programming languages disallow side effects?

According to wikipedia, Functional programing languages, that are Declarative, they disallow side effects. Declarative programming in general, attempts to minimize or eliminate side effects.

Also, according to wikipedia, a side effect is related to state changes. So, Functional programing languages, in that sense, they actually eliminate side effects, since they save no state.

But, in addition, a side effect has another definition. Side effect

has an observable interaction with its calling functions or the
outside world besides returning a value. For example, a particular
function might modify a global variable or static variable, modify one
of its arguments, raise an exception, write data to a display or file,
read data, or call other side-effecting functions.

In that sense, Functional programing languages actually allow side effects, since there are countless examples of functions effecting their outside world, calling other functions, raise exceptions, writing in files etc.

So, finally, do Functional programing languages allow side effects or not?

Or, I don’t understand what qualifies as a “side effect”, so Imperative languages allow them and Declarative don’t. According to the above and what I get, no language eliminates side effects, so either I am missing something about side effects, or the wikipedia definition is incorrectly broad.

Thank you