Does the Windows Server 2012 Data Deduplication feature work with 3rd party defrag programs?

Does the Windows Server 2012 Data Deduplication feature work with 3rd party defrag programs, in particular Auslogics Disk Defrag? I recently enabled the Data Deduplication feature on a drive to test it out and noticed that the drive is being reported in Auslogics as being 91% fragmented (YIKES!). I’m wondering if it’s possible (and worthwhile) to defragment it in Auslogics without a high risk of data loss.

Question: Are there any good win10 programs for preventing burn ins on displays?

Burn ins can appear if theres a same image on a screen (or any part of the screen) for an extended time period 4 hrs or so.

It would be great if there was an app that would e.g. make a giant turtle to come every 2 hours and cover the entire screen for half a second in order to prevent burn ins… Are there any apps like that? Screen saver doesn t come on if the pc is in use for 4 hrs straight…

Can’t add/edit programs to launcher

Trying to edit a program to have a command specified before launching the program.

Adding it using MenuLibre doesn’t work, manually doing it doesn’t work, have tried rebooting several times.

Any edit to the main .desktop file (/usr/share/applications/obs.desktop) removes the program from the launcher (until I purge/reinstall as far as I can tell).

Edit: It seems as if it only doesn’t like me adding the command before the program at the “exec” line. Works fine otherwise.

Edit2: Workaround: Have it execute a bash script with the command.

[Desktop Entry]



GenericName=Streaming/Recording Software

Comment=Free and Open Source Streaming/Recording Software

Comment[ru]=Бесплатная программа с открытым кодом для записи/трансляции видео







What type of visa should I get to participate in startup programs in Germany?

I am from Asia and want to participate in startup programs in Germany*. What type of visa should I get? I also like to know if my proposal is accepted in an accelerator/incubator, what kind of visa do I need?

If I want to create a new startup/company in Germany, are there startup/entrepreneurship visa for that? Where can I read the requirements and apply for that? What is the Germany government website that I can use?

* E.g. programs like what this institute provides: These kinds of programs take 3 to 12 months with different institutes

How to exclude programs from writing to RAM block cache? (e.g. media player)

When playing back huge video files, the media player ravenously consumes disk cache and thus kicks out blocks cached by other programs.

Not to confuse with

I would like the media player just to read the video files without the contents of the video files to be stored into the block cache inside of the RAM, which could lead to other programs slowing down because the video player kicked out their cached RAM data from the disk cache.

Related question: Deactivating disk cache for specific device or partition?

Showing that an equivalence relation on programs need not be a congruence

An optional exercise from Programming Language Foundations asks

Can you think of a relation on commands that is an equivalence but not
a congruence?

An equivalence here refers to an ordinary equivalence relation. A congruence refers to an equivalence relation where the equivalence of two subprograms implies the equivalence of the larger programs in which they are embedded, e.g., if $a_1$ and $a_1’$ are equivalent expressions, then so are $(x ::= a_1)$ and $(x ::= a_1′)$.

I am unable to think of an example, although I would think one exists. The context of this exercise has to do with an imperative programming language, but an example in another context is welcomed as well.

Any ideas?

Data sources used in advanced threat hunting programs [on hold]

In your organisation’s advanced threat hunting program;

  1. What are your most interesting datasets you hunt on?
  2. What tools are used to hunt those datasets (are they open source? commercial? proprietary?)

We are trying to map the challenges and difficulties organisation have around advanced threat hunting.