Question: 💰 Men: Yes we women like money 💰?

I’m seeing so many millennial man trying to run away from his natural duty to provide.

I’m a woman and I say yes, I do want to marry a man who makes good money. And any woman who says otherwise is lying. Listen to all those stupid names men are making for us like gold diggers. Sorry to tell you, but It’s been like that for generations. And it’s genetic for us to like career oriented men. I would choose an average looking, career oriented guy over a hot, low income guy

Now get your a$$ out there and make money and stop wining

EDIT: oh another thing, I’m not marrying a guy who makes less money than me. I’m the one who’s pushing out the babies, you need some responsibility too, hun. Grow up

Question: Can you match these 7 cultures to their inventions (without looking it up)?


[I] Measuring scales, chess, tractor, shampoo, buttons, ruler, sanitary napkin (maxipads), speakers, the zero, cataract surgery, wireless communication, ink, plastic surgery

[J] Odometer, lighthouse, vending machine, central heating, pizza, urn, crane, alarm clock, democracy, frappe coffee

[K] Telescope, Thermometer, Microscope, Corporate Finance, Investment banking, yacht, stock market & stock exchange

[L] Flight recorder, Google maps, ultrasound scanner, permaculture, cochlear implant, electric drill, WIFI

[M] Helicopter, Jet pack, space suit, synthetic rubber, satellite, electric powered railway stations, radiator

[N] MP3 player, bulletproof vest, fishing net, watchphone, touch screen, underfloor heating, smart prosthetic skin, juche

[O] Virtual reality, TV remote control, walkie talkie, the blimp, Google, lipstick, cafeterias, the weekend, pacemaker, defibrillator, woodstock, color television, monotheism, pawn shops, discount stores, vaccines: polio, cholero, bubonic plague, flashlight, capitalism, communism, krav maga, valium, prozac

Question: My name is Clarissa, I am dieing. My only wish is to talk to Jack Black. If I could spend a day…

Help me legally say hi to my lifelong idol Jack Black. I m currently 25 and expect to be 26 before Jack Black sees this. If I could have one wish it would be to spend a day laughing with Jack Black.