TIM-BERNERS-LEE inventor of the world wide web might be cited in support of this an extreme view the world can be seen as only connections,nothing else.we think of a dictionary,as the repository of meaning,but it defines words only in terms of other words.i liked the idea that a piece of information is really defined only by what it’s related to and how it”s related.there really is little else to meaning.the structure is everything.there are billions of neurons in our brains.but what are neurons?just cells.the brain has no knowledge until connections are made between neurons.all that we know,all that we are, comes from the way our neurons are connected.To add further Turing test which Alan Turing proposed to test if a computer had artificial intelligence.Turing proposed that if an interrogator wrote down a set of questions on a piece of paper and received written down answers from a computer,but could not tell if a human had written those answers or a machine,then this machine according to Turing was therefore intelligent.According to LITTLE OXFORD ENGLISH DICTIONARY-INDIAN EDITION,Artificial intelligence is the performance by computers of tasks that normally need human intelligence{the dictionary definition is the doings of a machine}. When we post a question, we receive written down answers from a machine but do not know if a human had written the answers or a machine.then the machine is therefore intelligent.we also post our answers which matches our wits.The books on artificial intelligence are likely to be innumerable. posting of questions and of answers require varying degree of intelligence.{Quoted from wikipedia-DAN O”SULLIVAN AND also from Q/A of this site}.can I liken my question with other worthy questions?.I always bear in mind,the brain has no knowledge until connections are made between two could be said that creativity depends upon the nature of links one succeeds in establishing between the neurons in one”s brain.DIGITAL READING ,is and should be,a highly creative process.In what degree we are successful is reflected in the questions and answers we post- these should be taken into account aside from our intelligence level.To be human is to make connections.

Question: He flaked on me once, states he cant make promises to see me because of work im staying silent but…

i am going on dates – not dating him. so far on the second date and i knew him since september. when he flaked on me, he apologized a week later. he also texted the other day and said he will be out on call for the next couple of weekends and he doesnt wanna make any promises to see me and not be able to follow through with it. he hasn t even asked me where im from, how many siblings i have, … all our convos are about his work mostly…he does have this gentleman way to text and make someone feel special ….but when i see him in person…its like he doesnt show any hints of likeness toward me in his conversation…i only see it in his eyes… what do i do? i stay silent -because im 32 and he is 36…and i am confused and at a level where i just wanna walk away from him.. i want more..and i lost my trust in him because he flaked on me – i am just detached from the situation not that i seek validation…..but he didnt compliment me on anything…he doest ask any question about me….. he looks like a gentle soul but his way of things are conflicted…and i just feel like i am going to point this out and end dating him