How to remember to change settings when I pick up my camera?

Is there anyone out there with an easy way to remember to change camera settings?

Often I change my settings for specific situations, then I leave my camera that way. Next time I turn on, I forget to change back.
For example, I was recently in New York shooting inside a Broadway theater, and I raised my ISO to the max. The next day I was shooting in bright sun, but with the same settings.

So, in short, does anyone have some sort of trick to remember to check the settings?
In case it matters, I am using a Canon Digital Rebel XT.

What are the effective ways to learn and remember any word. And use that in the right way

I am having trouble with picking the right word for the context that I am talking about. To get rid of the problem I practiced to find all the forms of any word that I encountered ever through books, television etc. Even though my problem here is still I have hard times in employing the context-precise words. Is there any best practices to learn and remember as well forever so that I could use that every time I have the right context. Any practical solution would be really appreciated.

And of course I think it’s worth sharing that I am Indian. “ESL”.

Remember me en Laravel

Quiero de su orientacion, alguien me puede explicar cual es la utilidad de Remember me en Laravel?

EL codigo que tengo funciona, guarda el token en BD y todo, pero he probado y no he visto alguna utilidad.

Podria por favor explicarme cual es la utilidad? para que sirve? como puedo probar su utilidad?

Gracias de verdad, se que parece una pregunta de un aprendiz pero la verdad es lo que les digo, no he visto alguna utilidad.

Why do I suddenly remember things that I never remembered before? [on hold]

It’s been a month since I moved to a new county and I must admit that now I feel nostalgic for my childhood and the past. But sometimes, and this happened already at least 4 times, I suddenly recall things that I’ve never thought about before, for instance the one time when I was 4 and my parents took me to the birthday party of my friend. I am pretty sure that under no circumstances I’d ever think of that, even and if someone told me about that, I’d have to think a little bit in order to recall if that happened. Why is that happening and are these thoughts in some way enlightening about my mental health?

Question: Trying to remember old dressup game site?

hi! i’m trying to remember the name of an old dressup game site, i’ve been looking around all the databases and i haven’t been able to find it. It had a semi-anime type style and the girl started out in a barrel. this is like from back in the 2000’s, it was a website of its own too. if you have any idea of what it is, please tell me! f i think the website ended in like, a y, or an ee.