Do I need to file reports when transferring money to US?

I have saving account in the country of my citizenship. After moving to US and get permanent residency, I want to transfer money (> 10,000, after-taxed, not business or gift) from my saving account to my US bank account. Do I need to file any reports to authorities (like IRS) to claim the source or purpose of the wire transfer, or any from to prevent tax?

I only know people need to declare currency or monetary instruments brought into or leave the US in the custom if total value > 10,000.

How to download a subset of the reports based on a specific indication of query term?

I understand that for performance purposes in my case it will be better to download the data rather than accessing it through the public API. On a practical note I am only interested in a subset of the FAERS reports, for example, only those reports that have Alzheimers disease as an indication or key word. Is that possible.

Reports automatically and forcefully filtered by owner role (Winter 19)

Since Winter 19 release all of our reports are now being filtered by owner role automatically. We can’t find a way to clear the filter, and we can’t find an entry in the release notes. A Salesforce case is open, but maybe the community is faster, with a workaround. (I will post any updates to the case here.)

Now it’s not possible for our users to see for example cross role Opportunities, which of course changes all aggregations of amounts and therefore dashboards –> nervous bosses.

Change currency showed in reports – Magento 2

Hi all Magento Wizards,

I have a question regarding the currency shown in reports. I have a Magento webshop where my base currency is Euro. I have multiple websites and store views, which have different currencies.

When I generate a report it always shows DKK in front of the totals, but really the totals are in Euro. This is very confusing and frustrating. My questin is actually very simple: where do I set the currency that is shown when generating reports?

Example Report

(Please see images for visualization of the problem)

Any help would be much appreciated!

Options not rendering on Sprout Reports report

My Sprout Report I just set up is not rendering the “options” template.

The results and options template both exists, and have been copied from the examples directory that came with Sprout Forms. This options template is rendered on the build in “Users and User Groups” report – but not on mine.

The only difference is my report has a data source of “Custom Twig Template” as opposed to “Users” – but that shouldn’t matter.

The docs and the built in examples aren’t shedding any light on the situation. Thanks.

enter image description here