Riley riddles galore!

My new riley riddle is different.

Where my prefix is getting something from you,

Here my suffix makes food last longer,

You think my infix is on edge,

Under thinking it is not what I do.

$+$ Think it through

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Escape the ambigous riddles

You find yourself in a room. The walls, floor and ceiling are surrounded with steel. You notice on one side there is some unknown material, that is cool to the touch, and near the floor is a standard US electrical outlet. You also see a plaque on the opposite wall that says:

Experiment Chamber/Respawn Room.
Rule 1: If you die, you respawn here.
Rule 2: Deaths do not reset riddle answers.

You open the door, eager to escape, but to your dismay there are only four more plaques and no new rooms. One plaque that appears to be a matte blue, on the wall to your left reads:

I have a mouth, but do not speak.

The one straight ahead appears to be a goldish color, but is hard to tell in the light. It reads:

I may arrest you, or conduct you.

The one to your left seems almost velvet, but feels cool and mettalic to the touch and mysteriously reads:

Decipher me: gzderfk.

The final one, which is less a plaque, as much as a neon sign, reads:

Riddle room.
Rule 3: Each riddle may be answered to create as much of that answer as you desire, where you desire, but once you have chosen a location and amount you may not recreate that object.
Rule 4: You may not use clever word play to escape.
Rule 5: Until you escape, death is a temporary thing.
Your only hint: There is nothing beyond these wall besides open air and the ground. But no one will come to save you.

What do you do to escape? (Yes, you want to escape and no, you do not want to die.)

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