Question: Help with roommate problem?

So last night I got embarrassed from my roommate who was being a jerk to me in front of my crush. I immediately when to my dorm, which my roommate came back a hour later to get me. I tried to explain to him the problem, which i got a bit emotional. Because he knows I have a crush on this girl. He was playing dumb and said I was over reacting. When he left to go back to the party he told everyone I was crying in my room which is not true. I like my roommate a lot it’s just he can be so fake when girls are around. And I have no Idea how to talk to him about this problem.

Question: How do I politely tell my roommate that I no longer wish to be friends, and would rather just be…

I moved in with a friend I met on the Internet. Yeah, it was dumb thing to do, but it happened and now I’m stuck. Now that I know her in person, she’s actually quite mean and has hurt my feelings on many occasions. I am no longer comfortable around her, I don’t see it as worth it to try to save the friendship, but I am stuck living with her. She will get mad if I simply avoid talking to her, as she will assume I am mad at her. I don’t want to fight, I don’t like to, and don’t have the energy to.
How can I friend break up and still keep the peace?

Question: I have an unauthorized roommate who is not on the lease who is an illegal immigrant. Can I force…

I am a birthright U.S. Citizen and sole leaseholder of my apartment in the state of Georgia. This person and I were friends but the living situation with me has became very terrible in the apartment under my name. She pays me and I pay the apartment. Yes, I am violating my lease by having her here and not registered as an occupant and/or additional leaseholder.

As the leaseholder, I have the leverage, especially because she’s here illegally. I don’t know what I can do to use that to my advantage because she’s undercutting me by hosting immigrants in her room without my initial awareness or consent and pocketing the money. I am so fed up and want her out. She is an extreme opportunist with no regard for me and her position vs. my own. I can’t do this anymore. It enrages me more and more everyday. I don’t want to jeopardize myself/my lease with the apartment community and I’m trying to find a roommate who can take her place and join the lease with me. What should I do?

Question: Which roommate is in the wrong?

Let’s say there are two people living together.

Roommate A is a really quiet, kinda short-tempered person. They’re a morning person; they like to go to bed at 11 PM and wake up at 7 AM, they’re rarely home during the day, and they like the room to be quiet while they’re there. They get annoyed really, really quickly when it’s too loud. Their roommate is so loud that they are the reason roommate A tries to spend as little time in their own apartment as possible.

Roommate B is a rather loud night owl. They go to bed at 2 AM and wake up at 9 AM. They get the room to themselves for most of the day, and they like to watch Netflix on their computer with the volume turned up, and they never use headphones, even when their roommate is there, and even when the roommate is trying to sleep. Roommate B thinks roommate A is too quiet and gets annoyed with how early they go to bed.

Which roommate is in the wrong here? Is roommate A being too much of a stick-in-the-mud, or is roommate B being inconsiderate? Is roommate A overstepping their bounds by asking their roommate to use headphones, or is roommate B overstepping their bounds by asking their roommate to change their sleep schedule?

It doesn’t seem like either of them are willing to budge, and as it stands, it’s impossible for either of them to move out.

Question: Can my roommate sublet without my permission?

My roommate is looking to assign her lease to someone when she moves in a few months. I do not feel comfortable with sharing a house with a complete stranger from craigslist since our bedroom doors do not lock. Our lease states that “any tenants names herein or in the number of tenants occupying the leased premises must be pre-approved by the Lessor or Agent in writing and all new tenants must execute a new or revised lease agreement. Lessee shall not assign this lease or sublet premises without first obtaining the written approval of lessor or agent. Any unapproved assignment or sublease will be void. Our names are on the same lease.

Question: Roommate copying me?

Im a freshman in college and my roommate is copying everything I do.
I don’t know why but its starting to make me uncomfortable. It started out with just her borrowing my clothes, ordering the same clothes and copying my nail color which didn’t really bother me, but then she started coping what I say and do. For example she got the same job as me when she already had another job and now she’s completely switching her major and minor to copy me and its a pretty unique combination. I’m not sure what to do or if I should just leave it be.