Question: What would you do if you found out Jade Sanders, Julia Martinez, Jason, Andre Rodriguez, Giovanni,…

Who the fu¢k thinks that way about other people that they will steal their growth, youth, beauty, and blessings and the people will be short like their mother and be cheated on in relationships like their mother went through? Who the fu¢k curses their on children? You don’t want people to prosper but then you want them to wish you a prosperous life. And how do they have the audacity to stand in front of the person and point in their face that they are the ones who stole their growth and that they aren’t scared of the person and if she likes she should do something about it. What if they lied to people that you gave them your blessings willingly? How rude and disrespectful is that? Human beings these days say they don’t fear anything! Well I will do something that will make them scared of me from now on. When they see me walking outside they will wave at me out of fear and poop on themselves running off like a hyena.

Question: Why can’t we become a socialist America with Bernie Sanders?

We can do this in November!

Rules and laws don’t matter

if you don’t like someone you can come forward and say 40 years ago they were drunk and sexually assaulted you and that character assassination strategy is the way to play

What we can do if we become a socialist America is character assasinate anyone who goes against the comradery

We will force property owners off their lands and redistribute the land in common

We will force fast food places to pay $30/hour to burger flippers and tax billionaires to do it and if they don’t agree we will make up stories that the billionaires sexually assaulted people in the 1970s and then sentence them accordingly

We will say rules and laws don’t matter because of changing times. We will put Hillary in charge and we will have single payer healthcare with a Governing body of Hillary’s choosing in charge of the entire thing

Bernie’s job will be to rally the party

We will open our borders wide open and make it very easy for terrorists to come in and if anyone tries to stop this we will use DNC money to pay women to come forward and say those ICE people sexually assaulted them 25 years ago a long time ago at a high school dance