Question: What essential oils are best for a diffuser to scent a house?

I bought my first diffuser and oils last christmas (Calily Therapeutic Grade Essential Oil Set of 14).. MOST of them didn’t smell like anything at all when put into a diffuser, even if i put 50 drops. Only Peppermint and Cinnamon were strong enough to scent the whole room with only the regular amount of drops. The smell of peppermint was even strong enough to reach other rooms.

is there a better oil company for this?

Question: Best toys to keep a scent hound puppy busy and happy?

I have a 9 week old coonhound hound Catahoula puppy who is teething and has started to chew the walls when she’s bored. So I’m curious if any other hound owners have any toys they would recommend that work best and don’t break easy or that are best for teething. She has many toys now but most are fluffy squeaker toys and cutting it for the teething. I know all puppies chew and there’s no way she won’t chew we just want to stop the chewing on the corners of the walls.

Question: I keep smelling the scent of wet dog but I don’t own a dog! I have sinus issues, could it be…

I haven’t owned a dog for a long while and it only started to smell like wet dog today. It just rained today but it never smells like wet dog after it rains and I didn’t go out in the rain either. I’ve tried searching more about this but I just get posts about how to wash your pet dog.