Image recognition of selfie images

I developed an Android app that lets anyone upload pictures of encyclopedic things (bridges, museums, dishes, landscapes, paintings, etc) to Wikimedia Commons.

Unfortunately, 5% of the users find it funny to upload their own selfie. So I want to programmatically check whether the picture is a selfie or not, and if it probably is, warn them that selfies are off-topic.

As a data set, I have:

  • 1000 pictures that I consider as undesirable selfies. It is in part subjective, but usually such pictures show one or two human faces taken from an arm’s distance and random backgrounds.
  • 1000 pictures that are not selfies (bridges, museums, dishes, etc, anything really). Tricky: this also includes pictures of famous people, usually they are easy to distinguish from a selfie because the persons are at a further distance. If you see an extended arm then you can be sure it is a selfie.

All pictures are taken with smartphones (hundreds of different models), they are JPG files of 2MB to 5MB in various sizes and ratios, in portrait or landscape mode.

I must use only open source, and the resulting detection code must run in less than a second on low-end Android phones.

What approach and steps does this task call for?

Is the word “selfie” formal enough to be used in official documents?

I was asked to edit a translation and I noticed that the original English sentence is:

Selfie (only) – You will only need to upload a selfie photo.

The context is the process of uploading documents to verify an account on a trading web application. Let’s call it high-level financial business.

Now, I am not a native English speaker but this really sounds “wrong” to me. Rather than wrong, not something to write in this kind of context. I don’t know how to say, it doesn’t sound “serious”.

Am I wrong? Is it actually a perfectly fine and professional-sounding word? My guess is no. Moreover, I think that the word selfie is also too generic for what I believe is the purpose of the picture in question. A selfie could be anything (expression, posture, background, etc) as long as it’s self-taken.

In case I’m right, what would be a better alternative? Self portrait? Headshot? Passport photo?

Thank you.

Question: How can I trick my friend into doing a selfie together? Would you consider this a good gift?

So this year for christmas (I know it’s way too soon) I would like to make my friend a gift that I hope she will like. I was thinking about taking random pictures of the 2 of us and then frame it into a collage or something. I’m willing to go to a professional photographer( I mean,I got a camera,I will go there just so that he can do a nice job with the collage) and then I’m gonna frame it and give it to her.Only problem is that while she likes taking photos of nature,she doesn’t really like taking selfies and the few times I told her ” Hey Sarah let’s take a selfie” she was like ” meh”.. and she’s like this with her girlfriends too so it’s not me. So bottomline is :1) how can I “trick” her into doing a selfie without letting her know my plan? 2) Do you believe she will like it? I noticed that we don’t have many pics together even if we hang out every day. We’re seniors in high school. Advice?