From CMB anisotropy data observed in 1992, did astronomers figure out that the universe should be…

CMB anisotropy was measured in 1992. I assume that astronomers, then, like now, would have been able to deduce the cosmological constant and things like that from the CMB anisotropy data. Then, from the cosmological constant and things like that, they would have been able to find that the current universe was accelerating. Did they indeed know that the current universe should be accelerating before its observation in 1998? Or, was the discovery in 1998 a great surprise? What was the exact situation between 1992 and 1998?

Should I Inform or ask for Approval when coming office one hour late? [on hold]

Do you usually ask for approval or just inform manager if you are going to be late on a certain day to office?

I joined new company and sent email to my manager that I will be one hour late as I have to go to SSN office two days in Advance but he still called me on my mobile asking why am I still not in office? I told him I sent email two days ago about this and he said “ok” and he sounded very disappointed saying we have a defect and we need you to fix immediately.

I have family and I may need to go for doctor appointments and things like this. How do I avoid these situations in the future?

Should a USB Switch work with late 2018 Macbook Air

I have a UGREEN USB 3.0 Switch. It has 4 USB A sockets on one side and 2 on the other. Its point is to share the 4 things plugged in on one side with 2 computers. I’ve been using it with a 2014 Macbook Pro and a 2017 Razer Blade sharing a keyboard, mouse, and USB ethernet adaptor for the last 3 months.

Today I got a late 2018 Macbook Air. I tried connecting it to the same switch but it’s not working and so I’m wondering where the issue is. It could be

  1. Bad cables. I’m using a USB C to USB A cable. I’ve used this cable for other things in the past. I tried 2 different cables. An Anker Cable and a TacMad cable. Both cables work fine for other USB devices

  2. Wrong cables? Maybe there is more than one kind of USB-C to USB-A cable?

  3. Bad Switch. The switch works but maybe something is incompatible?

  4. This isn’t supposed to work. I have no idea but maybe there is something about USB-C that makes it just not suppose to work

  5. ???

To add to that I have a VANMASS 9-in-1 USB HUB. If I plug that between the switch and the macbook air everything works. In other words

[2014 MBP]<---------USB-A-USB-A-cable--------->[USB Switch]<->[Mouse] works
[2018 MBA]<---------USB-C-USB-A-cable--------->[USB Switch]<->[Mouse] doesn't work
[2018 MBA]<->[USB Hub]<---USB-A-USB-A-cable--->[USB Switch]<->[Mouse] works

I’d like to not need the HUB. It seems like I should be able to connect the Macbook Air directly to the switch just like I was doing with the Macbook Pro

Any idea what the issue is?

Which lens adapter should I use to mount an FD Olympus lens on an MFD Lumix G-series camera?

I own a micro four-thirds Panasonic Lumix DMC-G7 mirrorless camera, and recently I purchased an old Olympus 40-150mm Zuiko ED Lens, which is not MFD. Though this lens is listed as compatible with my camera on Panasonic’s website, I need to buy an adapter for it since it is a simple four thirds lens. There are numerous MFD-FD adapters on the internet, and I am not sure which are compatible with my specific requirements. Is there a particular adapter I should purchase for this, or will any FD-MFD adapter work?

Should I read the instructions to Betrayal Legacy before the Prologue?

I’m starting a game of Betrayal Legacy next week.

Everyone playing has played Betrayal at House on the Hill and/or Baldur’s Gate, though it’s been some time (months – years). I’ve played a lot, but the last time was about a year ago.

I think it would be exciting to open the box together, but this should be second to having the game go smoothly.

Are the rules similar enough to the other Betrayal games, or short enough, that I don’t have to read them ahead of time, or should I familiarize myself with them before we meet for the Prologue (and possibly Chapter 1, depending on time).

Question: What you think Should i ask him?

Ill try make this short but probably not going to anyways I had been talking to guy who i thought who would like me 2 years go when my mom said i have should talked him so we did but we talked about 2 months then he end up being jerk starting to lie to me to stop texting him but we where both on a race team and i do called Utv Challenge & we go in Vegas California Baja sometimes they have in Arizona and I am from Arizona and he from Louisiana and i meet him talking to my dad in Tech where we check everything on cars so I apologize to his buddy the one i really like going on 4 years,but i was wondering do you think i should ask him if he single? I am so nervous on this one because he nice to me and to my family he even give me hug sometimes when we leave & that how we say bye out here but anyways there a better way to ask him? I dont want make it awkward either and lose it problem is he tall blond blue eye guy not sure I am his type*