CSV-simplified: A small open source project, looking for feedback and collaborators

I’m working on a small open source project called CSV-simplified for a course I’m taking (Bloc), and I’m looking for some feedback and potential collaborators. I don’t actually know an programmers, so I’m hoping someone here may be interested in helping out.

The basic idea of CSV-simplified is a browser app capable of reading a CSV file and displaying it on the page. I would like to expand upon this by creating an intuitive user interface to allow the user to perform searches and queries on the uploaded file. I’m currently using JavaScript, JQuery, and PapaParse to just display an uploaded file.

I’m looking for any help, suggestions, or feedback on improving and building upon this program. The first thing I’d like to see improved is how the file is displayed, I think editing the JS and adding some CSS could really spruce it up.

Here’s the GitHub repo of what’s done so far: https://github.com/conkytom/CSV-simplified

Here’s a codepen that shows the basic logic that’s currently working on the app: https://codepen.io/anon/pen/JmWygV




document.getElementById('txtFileUpload').addEventListener('change', upload, false);

function upload(evt) {

    var data = null;
    var file = evt.target.files[0];
    var reader = new FileReader();
    reader.onload = function(event) {
        var csvData = event.target.result;
        var data = Papa.parse(csvData, {header : false});
        var arrayLength = data.data.length;
        for (var i = 0; i < arrayLength; i++) {
  • " + JSON.stringify(data.data[i]) + "
  • "); } }; reader.onerror = function() { alert('Unable to read ' + file.fileName); }; }

    Ubuntu GNOME and high resolution screen: icons in QT apps are too small. How to solve?

    my brother got a new laptop, a Thinkpad X1 Carbon 4th generation. It features a screen with a rather large resolution of 2560×1440 px.

    Out of the box, GNOME scales well the size of the text and the icons, as you may see from this screenshot of LibreOffice:
    enter image description here

    Unfortunately QT apps seem not to behave the same, as seen in this screenshot of TexMaker:
    enter image description here

    As you may see the icons are too small and rather difficult to reach.

    How can he uniform the look&feel of the QT apps to the one of the GTK apps?
    Is there some compatibility package that he has to install? Or some configuration to make?

    Thanks in advance

    Why did “the human race became a small committee surrounded by affectionate animals” for Sartre in the Words?

    What is Sartre’s metaphor meaning in the Words when saying :

    “The human race became a small committee surrounded by affectionate animals.”

    The context is when he begins to become familiar with all the writers of his grandfather’s library. He tells us about his child perception of their duties : they had to write masterpieces as far as they were writers. Why should anyone praise them as far as they are only doing their duties, he asks as a child. As a narrator, now an adult, he acknowledges he got it all wrong about them. Are the small comitee the writers and the commoners the affectionate animals ?

    He uses lots of references in this part of the book. He also talks about Charles V

    when I was told that Charles V had picked up Titian’s brush, I was not at all surprised. What of it ? That was what princes were made for.

    Which I don’t get neither …

    small or medium-sized exercises and examples on the use, identification and instance declaration of Haskell’s…

    Where can I find highly varying, small or medium-sized exercises and examples on the use, identification and instance declaration of Haskell’s abstractions such as applicatives, monads, …

    How to recognize for small video sequence with a large sequence?

    I’m working on the idea of recognizing a small video sequence (a sequence of 18 seconds) within a long one (a sequence of 15 minutes), the first idea that come to mind stats that I have to characterize this small video with some kind of identification. so I will use the identification to look this small sequence inside the long sequence, I’m asking this question to the community, to share with me an approach that can help me in characterize this small video, then recognize it within the long sequence.


    Book by eastern European author about small house toys including a dog called Floki

    I vaguely remember one book from my childhood, which I would be glad to have around. I do not recall much, but I think that it was written by (possibly) Slovenian author, or Slovak. Perhaps even Czech or Polish but that is less likely.

    The first part of the book is about small house toys (or animals), where all toys were of the same “species” (e.g. bears), but there is one exception, a small dog called Floki. I think that there is a kid (boy) involved in those stories, and one particular story that I remember is that all the toys gathered and had a race around the apartment. And I also remember that in one story they made cake from carrots (if I haven’t mistaken it with some other book).

    It is written in the format of several shorter stories.

    The second part of the book is about the boy himself, and I think that there is some war involved, and it is more realistic. I remember some duke on a horse marching in (possibly after the war was ended).

    Also it was translated into Serbian language. I do not know what is the original language, but i would assume that it is same as authors native language.

    Any ideas?