oak has vinegar smell, action needed?

As I was planing a board of oak, I noticed an acidic vinegar-y smell emanating from the newly exposed surface and the shavings.

I read this might be due to natural acids present in the tree. I didn’t cut the tree down, rather I have purchased the board, already surfaced on 4 sides. I’m not sure if it’s received any treatment – The label (from the big orange store) simply said “oak”.

I don’t mind the scent, but:

  1. Is it a sign that i should let it dry off a bit more?

  2. If it was indeed acid causing this, would I need to neutralize it before applying certain finishes?

Some pics:


Left: end grain; image covers 1/2″ of the board’s width (fullsize — woodworkers with trypophobia: beware). Right: Face of same board; scale unknown (fullsize). Colors and whites have not been calibrated/balanced #nofilter.

How to remove spray paint smell from electronic device? [duplicate]

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I recently painted an electronic device with spray paint. I want to remove the smell. I cannot soak/wet my electronic device. Using liquid type solution may short-circuit my electronic device.

How can I remove the spray paint smell from my electronic device?

Removing soot and smoke smell after a house fire

Due to a recent house fire caused by a forgotten chip-pan, we now have all the rooms of our house left sooty and smelling of smoke.

Luckily the fire department arrived within 2 minutes and had the fire out just as quickly, preserving all other rooms from fire damage.

How can we quickly and easily get rid of the smell which is now in every other room?

  • We have had all windows and doors open for 24 hours so far
  • We have wiped all surface, but they are left mostly gray
  • We have got rid of all materials such as clothing which havve been damaged