Does Curse of Opulence give its controller tokens when someone else attacks?

Let’s say player A casts Curse of Opulence on player B. Then, player C attacks player B. I claimed that player A and C each create treasure tokens, but my friends agreed that only player C creates a treasure token. Was I wrong? I think that greatly decreases the value of the Curse.

Question: What does the abbreviation STFU mean because someone put it in answer to my other question and hope…

Here is a cute answer and sad when others say rude things on here because this is supposed to be an information forum and respect is good to set a good example for the kids on here.

STFU also means Star Wars: The Force Unleashed

If (someone) were to become vs. if (someone) became… + COULD

Let’s say there is a married couple, Sandra and Jake. Sandra wanted to go to her ailing mother, whereas, Jake wanted to go on a holiday next week. If they didn’t go to her mother:

if Sandra’s mother were to become seriously ill, Sandra could not forgive here husband.


if Sandra’s mother became seriously ill, Sandra could not forgive here husband.

This is a 2nd conditional modal verbs usage, and I know how to construct #2 sentence. But why is that were to become was used instead of the other?

If an ESL would like to use both of them, are they grammatical to use?

P.S.: There is a correct answer below, but, I have just edited this to clarify what I am really trying to ask.

Question: How would you handle someone who is annoying? Someone who can text too much? Also do dumb jokes?

I work with this guy on weekends and he can text me almost every day. I do text him sometime. Normally its about work or something that we have in common. I didn’t mind him at first. Sometimes he can send me pointless text messages and that’s what did it. He can gossip sometimes about what I say. He even started this group text message group that I don’t care to see. Sometimes I do text because I know them but I don’t see why he did that. It’s just 3 of us that in this group. I work with this guy on weekends. It helps me out with hours. If this keeps going I will block him and this group i’m in. Not many people like to text that much. I will unblock him if I need to talk to him about weekend work. It’s weird because it’s not like we are friends. He just likes to text.

Question: What do you do when someone tells you that they like you and enjoy your company, but your gut tells…

I’ve known these people for ages, but always felt like they can’t stand me. Their attitude towards me is usually cold: they seem to block me out in conversations. They make virtually no eye contact with me and only focus on the other people, even if I’m talking and trying to join. Their facial expressions and tone towards me can sound quite “ugh, do I HAVE to?’ They do have their own problems, but there is a difference in their energy towards me vs other people. Some of which is obvious, the rest is just a gut feeling, even if they are being pleasant that day.

Other examples:

– They always respond to each other’s events on FB, but never mine. On my 21st birthday, none of them responded, and when I posted that I’ll be cancelling, they liked that post.
– Every time one girl was upset, I would offer comfort/an ear to listen, but she ignores me and accepts it from others.

I asked them about this, and I brought it up with my ex when we were together (they are his BFF’s) and I was always assured that I’m wanted. Even after we broke up, they still told me they wanted me to visit more. But I don’t feel it at all, and never really have. I’ve never felt that way with anyone else.

I know that people will respond negatively if you portray a negative attitude. But I have been making as much of an effort as I can to stay motivated.

Why can’t they just tell me if they don’t want me around? And if I honestly am just being paranoid, why do I feel this way around them and nobpdy else?