Mystery Sound on my Macbook – Triggers every 3-5 Minutes!

Weiiird problem.

Every 3-6 minutes something is triggering my computer’s text-to-speech to say the word “nut.” I have zero programs running in the background, I know it is internal because I can see the task operating when I used a sudo fs_usage (screenshot)

How can I find what’s causing this sound? I previously fixed this problem by deleting all my system’s voice files — but after an update to Mojave the sound files are back and so is the ghost sound.

I can provide any system reports/files you need but you’ll likely have to walk me through the necessary commands, etc.

Side note: I’m the co-creator of The Nut Button, so more likely than not someone is messin’ around and got this bug on my laptop.

you can see the Alex Compact voice triggering

Question: Does this person sound like she didn’t want me to join her and her friend at the Coffee shop?

Me: Hey are you guys in Cambridge?
Her: yes
Me: Oh ok how long will you guys be there for?
Her: midnight
Me: Oh ok, I think I am just going to head home and jump in the shower and go to bed early This conversation occurred over Facebook Messanger at 8PM. And she was in front of her laptop and gets FB messenger notifications on it, as well as on her phone. (Which she is always using)

How sound does it make when a tree falls?

I was going through a footpath there was a tree, suddenly that began falling but it waited for a moment , then it started falling, yet again it waited for a moment, then it started falling, like this it was constant for some moments. Finally the tree fell completely .

How was there the sound of falling the tree?

That tree all fell, waiting but if a tree falls without waiting, what would you call that sound too?

Looping back sound using a Scarlett

I’m a computer person so this is a little out of my ball park.

We have a machine in a conference room which is configured with a USB audio bridge. This PC is used to run the projector as well as remote meeting apps.

The USB bridge is connected outbound to our soundboard for the speakers, and inbound so the mics can be sent out via our remote meetings. It works well, and the sound quality is much better.

How do I get the sounds out the computer (notably video presentations) back to the audio input of the computer? By my best understanding this should already be happening. Is there some kind of echo cancelation happening in bridge? If so, how do I work around it?

Fireplace Won’t Light/No Gas Sound/Smell

I’ve got a Marco gas fireplace which was installed about 20 years ago.

Panel with Pilot/On/Off switch and a gas line next to the fireplace that opens/closes with a key. Fireplace turns on with a simple on/off light-style switch.

Ran it all last winter without issue, just had to manually light the burner because the striker didn’t work.

This year I can’t get it to light at all and don’t hear any sounds of gas when set to Pilot or On. Even though I used the gas key to turn it all the way to the left (open), until I couldn’t anymore.

Here were the instructions from previous homeowner, which I’ve followed:

  • Turn the Gas supply (to the bottom right of the fireplace) using the “gold key”. Wait for 30-45 minutes before proceeding with the next steps.
  • Open the bottom panel of the fireplace using a flathead screw driver.
  • Turn the black knob at the center from ON to PILOT position, then push it in while simultaneously pressing the red STRIKER button. You may have to hit the striker a few times in order to light the pilot flame.
  • Once the pilot lights continue pushing in the black knob in the PILOT position for about 45 seconds.
  • Then let go of the black knob and move it back to the ON position.
  • Open the flue and turn on the switch on the upper left corner of the fireplace. Enjoy! (The gas supply and pilot light can be left on throughout the season.)

Appreciate your guidance!

How to make your voice sound like another persons voice?

Is there any software that will make a voice of someone sound like a voice of someone else?

A guy in my skype list claims he has a friend who works in “SoundDesign business” who has such a tool, and he doesn’t want to tell me the name of that sofware.

Any idea what he’s talking about?

I could use such a tool for creating a dub.