What species of spider is this?

I’m trying to find out what kind of spider is this little fellow:

It really seems to like our garage and is the bane of my girlfriend (as evidenced by all the screaming when on two occasions one got into our home somehow). I was never able to spot this kind outdoors, which is rather odd (there are plenty of Araneus diadematus spiders in the area which are fairly easy to spot).

It’s hard to tell on the photo, but these spiders seem rather big (at least as far as spiders in Poland I was able to spot go)… somewhere around 5cm at least (legs included)? They really do make for rather large, black spots against an otherwise white garage wall.

I’d really like to find what kind of species this is so that I can, hopefully, convince my GF that it’s harmless to humans. Unless it isn’t, in which case I’ll start getting scared of walking into our garage. 😉

PS. We live in Poland, Poznań.

Can anyone identify this spider? Found in Italy

My cousin found this spider at his place. He lives near Milan, Italy, in a small town. It’s a humid region, around there the are a lot of fields but it is a 15 km from the city. It’s still hot in these days. He told me that in the picture it seems a little bit too yellow. In reality it is more of an orange shade. He has never seen anything like that around there. Any clues?

the misterious spider

the dimentions

Did the Radioactive Spider Bite Give Earth-616 Peter Parker Muscle Definition, Like in the 2002 Raimi…

As anyone who’s watched the Raimi 2002 Spider-Man trilogy may remember, Peter wakes up the morning after the spider bite with a ripped body, standing in stark contrast with the scrawny body we’d seen he had earlier.

Who needs protein? (Image of Peter with muscles)

Now that just begs the question – is that the case too for the mainstream Marvel continuity? It’s not mentioned in Amazing Fantasy #15, but in Amazing Spider-Man v1 #4, Seymour O’Reilly touches his arm and remarks that Parker has “muscles like a weight lifter”.

That just makes me wonder: were Earth-616 Peter’s ripped muscles a result of his super-hero origin? Or by that point, had he simply been web-swinging and wall-crawling enough to get cut naturally?

How can I prevent my Good-aligned spider deity from being confused with Lolth?

I have been working on a custom campaign setting for D&D 5e for a while now, and one of the key themes of the setting is “the races aren’t what you think they are at first glance”.

The drow in particular are not the standard Forgotten Realms drow. They’re nomadic, caravan-forming, heat-averse desert dwellers. They’re charismatic with strong written, musical, and dance traditions. They’re not light-sensitive nor are they evil, but they still use poisons, albeit like modern rat-poison, not sleep poison or paralytic. They engage in peace and trade, have magical affinity, and navigate by the stars.

However, they still revere spiders strongly, and have domesticated some ground-hunting spider species for vermin control and as enormous pets, so a deity whose imagery is based around spiders makes sense for them to have. Furthermore, hunting/war, eternal vigilance, healing and magic, and defending freedom and the weak are the main themes I am working with, considering the roles spiders play in their society as protectors of food stores and wardens against disease; furthermore, they already have deities of the sun (Pelor, covering Life and Light), of trickery and the arts (including weaving and stories) (Olidammara, due to bards being common among them, and covering Trickery), and of the stars (Celestian, covering Knowledge). Rites include insect-offerings and dances while small, unattended shrines are commonplace in their homeland.

So, I ask: how would I make make the lore and imagery communicate to the PCs that this Chaotic Good spider-god is clearly distinct from Lolth, to the point where my players do not jump to the (wrong and quite detrimental) conclusion that these drow are also Lolth-worshippers, with all the Evil-aligned baggage that deity entails, upon seeing spider-themed religious images for the first time? I do wish to communicate this in-character for the sake of immersion, and also as a “backstop” for players who may not pay full attention to out-of-character cues.

How would our lungs would be different if they had evolved from spider lungs?

The evolution of lungs from pharyngeal pouches appears to be an example of parallel evolution to the development of book lungs in spiders. In other words, while both spiders and vertebrates developed lungs for life on land, they apparently did so independently of one another.