Android GNSS Status App with Trimble R2 and custom app

I was wondering if anyone had a little more detail about how connecting a Trimble R2 to an Android device using Bluetooth through the GNSS Status app and turning on Mock Locations works?

I have a custom application that is currently using FusedLocationProviderClient, everything works fine except for the fact that the built in coordinates aren’t accurate enough. Will doing the above automatically have FusedLocationProviderClient return the Mock Location from the R2?

If not these shows a bit of details on reading the NEMA string:–cms-28088

My question is if I don’t have a Bluetooth device connected will this get a NEMA string from my phone that I can parse and use normally? Or does there have to be some sort of a setting for the user to decide if they want to use the phones coordinates or an external Bluetooth device?

have refugee status in UK and going to marry a German citizen and live in Germany

I am non-EU nationality and have 5 years UK refugee resident permit, and now want to marry a German citizen in Germany and apply for German resident permit to live there. In this case can I hold both residency? and extend my UK resident permit to permanent resident at the end of duration of this 5 years?

Get all Module list with status – whether it’s enable or disable in Magento 2

I tried below code which gives me all modules name not specifying the status whether it is enable or disable.


public function __construct(
MagentoFrameworkModuleModuleList $moduleList
) {
$this->moduleList = $moduleList;

and here’s the list

$modules = $this->moduleList->getAll();

Any idea to get module names with it’s status ?

What does “Re-registration pending” status means in bank for ECS?

Recently i have provided my BOB account details for LIC ECS. After banking process i got one message from bank site like :

policy no xxxxxxx with amt xxx.xx registered for ECS.

debit date will be 07th of every month

But installment not getting deducted on said date. I’ve contacted to LIC agent, he is saying it require around one month more time and sent me once snap with my details there I’m seeing :

Registration Status : Re-registration pending

I have no idea what’s wrong there. Whom i need to contact bank or LIC ?

Select status from multiple lists with SQL

I have a group of email addresses I’d like to see which lists they’re currently subscribed to, they’re in “DE Name”.

I’ve tried the following SQL but the result is several duplicate rows and all status values = active. I have 10 lists/publication lists I’d like to add, but to keep things simple, I’m only showing 2.

The from and resulting data extensions are not sendable and don’t use a Primary Key field.

b.Status as ListName1,
c.Status as ListName2

from [DE Name] as a
join _ListSubscribers as b on a.EmailAddress = b.EmailAddress
join _ListSubscribers as c on a.EmailAddress = c.EmailAddress

where (b.listID = #######
or c.listID = #######)

WordPress Post Status

I’m working with a real estate theme allowing to a registered user to add some properties by a front-end dashboard. The problem is the properties are saved as drafts ( so we can’t see them ). The only solution is now to go back to the WP admin dashboard and modify the status from draft to publish. The only references i found about drafts in the theme are these lines of code :

if(!function_exists(('mkdf_re_get_properties_with_package'))) {
function mkdf_re_get_properties_with_package($package, $featured_only = false) {
    $meta_query = array();

    $user = wp_get_current_user();

    $query_array = array(
        'author'         => $user->ID,
        'post_status'    => array('publish','draft'),
        'post_type'      => 'property'

What can i do?

Checking domains HSTS status

The Google Chrome browser offers a quick way to check a domain’s HSTS (HTTP Strict Transport Security) status via the page chrome://net-internals/#hsts (section Query domain).

The query result looks e.g. like this:

static_upgrade_mode: UNKNOWN
dynamic_upgrade_mode: STRICT
dynamic_sts_include_subdomains: false
dynamic_pkp_include_subdomains: false
dynamic_sts_observed: 1409173001.03746
dynamic_pkp_observed: 1409173001.03746

What do these lines mean? Is the HSTS mode enabled or not? What is the difference between the dynamic_ and static_ entries of the result?