Crafting a Cracked Dusty Rose Prism Ioun Stone – Required Creator Level?

Cracked Dusty Rose Prism Ioun Stone’s Construction Requirements seem like they may be inaccurate for the cracked and flawed versions.

It indicates the cost for all three is 2500 gp, and it indicates the required caster level for all three is 12.

According to the crafting rules, I believe the price to craft a cracked stone is 250gp in materials.

Is/should the required creator level similarly reduced for the cracked version?

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Rosetta Stone puzzle

The answer to this puzzle is one word.

enter image description here

P.S. No, StackExchange, this is not a duplicate of Third rock from the Sun, go away!

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How to turn all stone to TNT in Minecraft

I really want to do a prank where I turn all stone to TNT. That way, in lava lakes the TNT will blow up. I just need to figure out how to do it. Which would it be best to use?

  • /fill
  • /replaceitem
  • /blockdata
  • /setblock
  • something else?

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How did Loki activate the Space Stone?

As Hawkeye put it, doors opens both ways.

Is there any indication how Loki is able to trigger the Tesseract and get to Earth in the first place?

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how does loki end up activating the space stone?

As Hawkeye put it, doors have two sides. Illl edit with the correct quote.

Is there any indication how Loki is able to trigger the tesseract and get to earth in the first place? Is it related to red skull getting ported? I’d bet some money

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Sto-stone puzzle

Sto-stone is a puzzle made by Nikoli. Here are the rules:

  1. You must color the cells with black with the following rules:
  2. There are rooms enclosed in bold lines. The number on the room shows the number of continuous black cells in that room. No number means any number of black cells.
  3. No colored cell must be connected at the bold lines, horizontally or vertically.
  4. Stones (or the colored cells) must be dropped straight down, and the stones must fill the bottom half of the grid without empty cells. (Dropped stones may cross and connect across bold lines)

(Example in the link above)

This is your real challenge:


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Where is the Parsamani(Gold Stone) which Satyabhama’s father had?

I read a book on Krishna written by K.M. Munshi called “KRISHNAVATAR” in which author wrote that, Satyabhama’s father had a parasmani(Gold Stone), and with proper pooja of that stone turn anything into gold.

I am sure that, the Mani was not destroyed. So does anybody know where is that Mani now? I also heard from lore that, that Mani way curse object. Is it true?

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What is the significance of the Stone Angel?

In Vonnegut’s Cat’s Cradle, there is one scene that I found a bit puzzling.

At the store by the cemetery where Frank and Emily Hoenikker are buried, Jonah’s taxi driver becomes obsessed with a stone angel.

The store owner, Marvin Breed, explains that it isn’t for sale, and relates the story of why it is still in the store:

“It was never paid for. The way the story goes: this German
immigrant was on his way West with his wife, and she died of
smallpox here in Ilium. So he ordered this angel to be put up over
her, and he showed my great-grandfather he had the cash to pay for
it. But then he was robbed. Somebody took practically every cent
he had. All he had left in this world was some land he’d bought in
Indiana, land he’d never seen. So he moved on–said he’d be back
later to pay for the angel.”

“But he never came back?” I asked.

“Nope.” Marvin Breed nudged some of the boughs aside with his
toe so that we could see the raised letters on the pedestal. There
was a last name written there. “There’s a screwy name for you,” he
said. “If that immigrant had any descendants, I expect they
Americanized the name. They’re probably Jones or Black or Thompson

“There you’re wrong,” I murmured.

The room seemed to tip, and its walls and ceiling and floor
were transformed momentarily into the mouths of many tunnels–
tunnels leading in all directions through time. I had a Bokononist
vision of the unity in every second of all time and all wandering
mankind, all wandering womankind, all wandering children.

“There you’re wrong,” I said, when the vision was gone.

“You know some people by that name?”


The name was my last name, too.

Clearly this is a strange and powerful moment for the narrator. Yet I don’t recall it being mentioned again, except perhaps in passing.

What is the significance of this? More importantly, what is the name on the angel (I don’t believe the narrator ever gives his last name)? Does Vonnegut ever explain this?

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Initial velocity of stone

If we drop a stone from a balloon rising at 4ms^-1 , magnitude of initial velocity of stone is taken to be 4 but why it is so? Please explain by giving more examples.

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Anime about people turning into square-like, stone robots

I’m looking for a movie I saw when I was younger. I’ve been trying to find it for years. I’m for sure that it was anime I’m just unsure as to whether it was a tv show or movie. It seemed like a movie.

I know there were 2 siblings a boy and a girl. I believe from what I can remember the brother was older. One of the two, I believe it was the brother was in league with the evil power of the movie I think. The only part I can remember these people were being turned into what I think was stone-maybe robots. They were very square looking at least in my memory-like they would be lego pieces that would fit together to make this large structure. I’m unsure if it was a ship, or a castle, but it was raising up into the sky. I have tried to look at movies online from google and IMDB and thus far have come up empty. I’m almost positive I saw it in the early 90s maybe late 80s. I think the evil power was some kind of witch. I want to say it was a woman but I’m not for sure. I don’t remember seeing the evil power but I think I can vaguely remember the sibling being upset with “her” that this would happen to his sister or something of that nature.

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