Question: Do I have strep throat? Should I go to a doctor? I mean I don’t feel that bad but I’m still…

This all started around 2 weeks ago when my nose became extremely stuffy and once that cleared up I got a horrible cough that lasted for almost a week (Now I just have my regular mild smoker’s cough). But then like a week or so ago I noticed my throat and hard palate was very red. I didn’t give it much thought since I’ve had that before with no other symptoms & it usually goes away on it’s own, I figured smoking, eating lots of limes, drinking beer, and eating spicy foods caused it. But two days ago it got worse, the red throat was now painful & had one or 2 white spots on it. By the end of the day the white spots were gone but I felt kinda sick & had temperature ranging from 99.6-99.9. Then I felt better in the morning. Now at night while I don’t feel that bad, I have a mild headache & temperature of 100-100.8. What do I do?

Question: Do I have mono, tonsillitis or strep?

I have a very hard time swallowing even my left ear is sore, the back of my throat and tongue feel swollen and there looks a feel like there’s a white bump but it’s really hard to see, my voice is scratchy but not extremely and it even looks swollen on one side. At night, my lymph nodes hurt, and my jaw. What could this be? Just a cold or worse? I never had a cold like this so I’m wondering.

Question: Is this strep throat, tonsillitis, or something else?

So last week I had a slight cold, it started the same was as usual, slight itchy throat, then stuffy nose and runny nose, then slight cough, it all faded within a week but this week I realized that I was still feeling the sore throat, it’s not painful at all I can just feel what feels like a sore throat that starting to fade away but it had been a week so I took a flashlight to my throat and saw these white spots on my slightly swollen tonsils. I don’t know what to think, should I be worried?