Question: Should I continue talking to this guy?

Over the past few weeks I’ve been hanging out with this guy and he is pretty smitten with me. That alone makes me feel guilty. I’m not sure how I feel about him. I told him we should just be friends a few weeks ago but since then he’s been more persistent. He asked me to give him a chance so I have been. We hung out the other day and we were out so late that he asked me to spend the night. I was reluctant because I felt like something might happen but I was too exhausted to drive home. We get up to his room and I pass out. Over the course of the next 2 hours this guy woke me up FIVE times. He kept saying he couldn’t sleep and he was bored. I don’t know what his intentions were when he kept waking me up but he knew how out of it I was. I ended up leaving at 6am because I felt very uncomfortable. Did I give off the wrong impression by spending the night? Did he keep waking me up in hopes we’d have sex? I’m not sure what to do or how to proceed with this situation because I don’t want to hurt his feelings or put myself in a bad situation because I can be easily persuaded when under pressure.

Usage of the definite articles when talking about things in general

In English you say “I like cats” and “I like the cats” could be said only about some specific cats from the context of a discussion.

In Spanish it’s “Me gustan los gatos” but these are cats in general. Another popular example is using “la gente” when talking about general trends in the society.

At the same time, it’s similar to English in cases like “Soy músico, escribo canciones.”

What is the rule here?

Dealing with people ignoring me, or talking over me

I have a group of friends, and we have been together for a while now where we meet once or twice a week, to play games together – D&D, board games, etc. It’s a social event.

However, especially lately I’ve noticed that one person has started to lean in a certain direction when it comes to conversation – I’m having more and more issues trying to contribute to the conversation. I get ignored, or they talk over the top of me, and I feel like I’m forced to stop talking. I have been taught to wait for an opening to talk, or if someone else is talking, to stop and wait. But every time I do this, I still get cut off.

I haven’t done anything to solve this, I have only seen how far this goes. It even got to the point where I had started talking, then they began talking, I didn’t stop talking, to see if they would, but to no avail. And again, I was the one that was ignored.

I am unsure of how to approach this – but it has been going on for several months now – I am unsure of why this has begun happening, or if anyone else has noticed the issue, or even who the cause of the issue is – myself or others.

How can I approach the person, or the group in order to deal with this situation?

Is there a better word than “scene” when talking about books?

From the dictionary it seems the word “scene” is appropriate for describing a part of a book:

2. a sequence of continuous action in a play, film, opera, or book.
"a scene from Tarantino's latest movie"

To me, it feels natural to use the word for plays, films and operas but it sounds strange to use it when referring to a book. Is there a better word or is “scene” indeed correct for books?

Question: My Ex Girlfriend is talking to someone else, but I still love her & she still loves me, what…

Basically, Me and Gf got into a big argument, a lot of disrespect was shown, we broke up. But she decided to give our relationship another chance, but then out of nowhere, days later, she changes her mind and says she doesn’t think it’s working, she says she can’t trust me and she says she doesn’t think i can change

I found out recently that she’s talking to another guy. She says that he treats her better, but the thing is, she’s only been talking to him for more than a week. and i’ve been with her for 8 months and i’ve known her for about 2 years. She hangs out with this guy sometimes and he knows about our relationship (she told him) and he’s telling her that he can treat her better and he sweet talks her. etc.

My Ex says she doesn’t like him like that and she doesn’t want to be with him, she says she’s not planning on getting with him and she’s not looking for anyone atm since she just got out of a relationship with me. She says they simply talk. She told me she’s willing to make things work with me and for now wants us to just be friends and wants to see if i change. She claims she still loves me, wants to be with me but she can’t because she doesn’t trust me after what happened and doesn’t see a way for us to be together at this moment.

What should i do?