Taxes and Approximate revenue?

I’m heading out from the prototype stage and towards my early/alpha stage.

In this transition period I’ve been interested in getting an estimate of what the revenue will be so I’ve come up with this in Excel.

I’ve considered taxes in general, VAT and fee transactions from Stripe and PayPal.

I’m from Europe.

This is my first game and I know no-one in the field so I don’t really have an answer.

Is the following a reasonable assumption? Cut           10 %
VAT Transactions      25 %

With this as an example result:

Money Earned       +1,000 €
VAT Transactions   -  250 €
SubTotal           +  750 € Cut        -   75 €
My Final Revenue   +  675 €

Here is my question on, and here it is to my reddit question.

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Do I have to wait for ITIN to file California taxes for H4 spouse?

I am holding a H1B visa and my wife just moved to California as H4 dependent. I have applied for ITIN along with filing my federal taxes.

How do I file my California State tax? Should I wait for her ITIN and then file my CA taxes or can I file my CA taxes without her ITIN? I was told by the IRS officer that it would take 8 weeks to get the ITIN. In that case, should I file for an extension for filing my California taxes ?

Found that I do not have to file an extension for CA state taxes. If we can’t file by April 15, we have an automatic six-month extension to file our return until October 15.

This is what I found in the instructions book of from 540. It does not say anything when one doesn’t have an ITIN.

If you do not have an SSN because you are a nonresident or resident
alien for federal tax purposes, and the Internal Revenue Service (IRS)
issued you an ITIN, enter the ITIN in the space for the SSN. An ITIN
is a tax processing number issued by the IRS to foreign nationals and
others who have a federal tax filing requirement and do not qualify
for an SSN. It is a nine-digit number that always starts with the
number 9

So the questions is, should I wait for ITIN to file my state tax returns.

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Private Music Teacher: what do I need to know about taxes?

This may be a question better suited for the Money and Finance Exchange, but I thought that I’d start here.

I just recently started as a private music teach at a studio where I live. I am being employed as a contractor by the studio.

I know that I can write off business expenses (rental of the instrument, music consumables, instruction books), but what other things do I need to know/keep track of/keep in mind, especially with regard to (submitting) taxes?

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Where do I pay taxes when payed by Finnish company as German citizen?

If I am paid by a company that is based in Finland while I am a German citizen, where do I pay taxes and to which government? If to only one, do I need to tell about it?

I am a citizen of Germany. I live there and I am employed by a German company which is my main place of work. I am part owner of a company based in Finland which will pay me some amount of money during the next few months. I work remotely for the company that I partially own.

As I understand it, based on this bilateral agreement (section 14), I need to pay taxes in Germany, and not Finland. If this is correct, do I also need to tell the Finnish government about the taxes that I pay in Germany? I am registered as one of the owners of the company in Finland.

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Where do I pay taxes when payed by finish company as german citizen?

Q:If I am payed by a company that is based in Finnland while I am a german citizen, where do I pay taxes, and which government, if only one, do I need to tell about it?

I partially own a company based in Finnland, which will pay me some amount of money during the next months.
I am also employed by a german company (as my main place of work).
I live and am registered in Germany as a citizen.
I do work remotely for the company I partially own and work on-location for the company that is my main workplace.

As far as I understand it, based on this bilateral agreement (section 14), I need to pay taxes in Germany, and not Finnland. If this is correct, do I also need to tell the finish government about the taxes I pay in Germany? I am registered as one of the owners of the company in Finnland already.

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What form do I declare RSU payouts on for my taxes?

My company sold and I had RSU’s. They gave me a K-1 form but it doesn’t show what I was paid, only what was paid in on my behalf.

I have not received a w-2 for the payout. Is there a specific form I need to fill out to pay the taxes on this income? (no taxes were withheld).


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Vanguard UK lets you invest in the S&P 500 index fund. What about my taxes?

So Vanguard UK lets you invest in the S&P 500 index fund via an ISA (Independent Savings Fund). I understand that an ISA in the UK shields you from any tax on your profits from investments (up to a limit).

My question is: There is no mention of paying US tax. But surely as a UK citizen I’d had to pay some tax on my profits for investing in US companies? Do I have to sort this out independently with the IRS or do I sort that out with HMRC? I’m confused. Thanks in advance.

Additional info: The Fund is authorised in Ireland and regulated by the Central Bank of Ireland.

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Is it possible to work in a country and pay taxes in another within the EU?

As an EU citizen and within the EU, is it possible to remotely work in one country and pay the taxes in another?

For example be employed in the Netherlands and pay taxes there but live in Ireland.

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If I sell shares in the US, will I be liable to pay taxes in US

I work for a large US company but not in the US. As part of my compensation, I receive restricted stock units (RSUs) which are considered by my country to be part of my salary at the time they vest. I pay local (non-US) taxes on them when they vest. When I sell them, assuming they’ve increased in value, I am also liable locally for capital gains tax.

I’m about to travel to the US for business for a bout two weeks, and would like to sell some of those shares. I would also like to purchase a laptop which is only available in the US. If I were to sell shares and have the proceeds paid out to my local bank account then I would lose on the currency conversion commission, and the transaction fees twice, once getting the sale proceeds paid locally, and the second time buying the laptop in US dollars.

I had hoped to open a simple savings account or similar in the US and have my share proceeds paid out into it. Then I can pay for the laptop from the account, plus have a little spending money while I am there. Similarly, I can use this setup for future trips. I will pay capital gains tax on the share sales locally, since they’re sale will be reported to my local tax authority.

My question is, will this leave me liable for taxation in the US too because I’ve earned money, even though I’m not tax resident?

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Investment analysis – taxes on the initial cost

I am trying to understand better how investment analysis works in regard of taxation. Specifically, if I have an investment with an initial cost (let’s say is a new robot for my factory) with x cost, I know that the depreciation of that object should be used to calculate the variation of taxes (subtracting the amount of the depreciation could result in tax shelter), but why shouldn’t I count the initial cost of the investment in the variation of taxes? It would give me an “unreal” tax shelter for that year.

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