Is there a legend for figure 15 in the Airman Knowledge Test Supplement for Instructors?

Here’s why I’m asking. While using King’s free practice test tool, I ran into a question about figure 15 in the Instructor test supplement asking about the percentage values for the MID area. I would just memorize the answer, but that’s not a thing anymore, so I’m trying to find out where I can get the actual information. It seems like convective outlooks and “TSTM” outlooks are different things, as I have found both on NOAA’s website. AC 00-45H only talks about convective outlooks, and doesn’t even tell you the percentage values. I found this on the website that breaks it down.

But, that’s not for the chart in the test supplement. The closest thing I found on NOAA’s website now just shows the percentage values directly on the chart, and they are very different from the answer choices on this particular question.

I hope there is a legend somewhere staring me in the face and I’ve just missed it!

Thanks in advance!

P.S. King says the answer is A.

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Is there any way to read Xlsx file in pyspark?Also want to read strings of column from each columnName

pd is a panda module is one way of reading excel but its not available in my cluster. I want to read excel without pd module. Code1 and Code2 are two implementations i want in pyspark.

Code 1: Reading Excel

pdf = pd.read_excel(Name.xlsx)
sparkDF = sqlContext.createDataFrame(pdf)
df =

Want to implement without pandas module

Code 2: gets list of strings from column colname in dataframe df

stringsList = []
columnList = list(df[colname])
for i in range(len(columnList)):
    if type(columnList[i]) != float:
        text = columnList[i]
return stringsList

I want to implement this in pyspark.

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Is there a way to turn audio on in cloud library? [on hold]

I’m often distracted when trying to read a book, and was wondering if there’s a way to turn on audio for cloud library.

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Are there good reasons for drawing initial neural network weights from a Gaussian?

Why not a Cauchy distribution, for example?

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Are there time limits on when epidurals can be administered?

I’m not sure if this would be a hospital policy thing or a medical thing.

Is it possible to get an epidural at 9cm or does it have to be administered earlier on?

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Root finding using Newton’s method with quadratic interpolation – Is there a mistake in this textbook?

I’ve been trying to learn about root finding using Newton’s method, which uses a quadratic interpolating polynomial. I found this text, Numerical methods for roots of polynomials, PART 2: McNamee & Pan, which has relevant theory, but there seems to be some error in the text.

Book section describing the quadratic part of Newton's method

While calculating $x_{i+1}$, shouldn’t the second term in the RHS of that equation be reciprocal of what it is, or am I wrong? I don’t understand what am I missing here.

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Magento 2 – Is there anyway to send newsletters out faster?

We have a list of over 12k subscribers and it currently takes 2-3 days to send. Isn’t there a way to send them faster?

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Is there an unwritten etiquette for GTA V lobbies?

I’ve only racked up about 10 hours in GTA 5 Online (for PC), and so far just having fun in the lobby is fantastic.

However I’m only a Level 10 , so imagine my surprise last night when I went to go to Los Santos Customs and saw about 5 members of a crew, all level 100 or above, in identical cars, driving in a circle formation around the Los Santos Customs car park.

So I did what any self-respecting GTA player would do. I got out my rocket launcher and blew them up. All of them.

This resulted in them getting mad. They became verbally abusive (eh, this is not uncommon and doesn’t particularly worry me), told me that it’s not cool to interrupt when they’re “trying to do something” and they all voted to kick me from the session, and BAM I was gone.

In my searches for an answer to this on the internet, I found a lot of people who are very grumpy when people kill them “unprovoked”. But I thought that was the point of the game?

I’m not particularly concerned about the incident, but it made me wonder if there’s some sort of unofficial etiquette I should have been following?

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Is there a problem when the lower and upper limits of a confidence interval are the same?

I have done the bootstrap technique and I want to make inference. I have calculated the 95% confidence intervals, however, for one of the variables in my regression model its lower and upper limits are equal, is this a problem?

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Is there any way to sync two spreadsheet with each other?

Is there any way to two-way sync two spreadsheets with each other?

I mean, if someone will edit in Spreadsheet 1 then that thing should appear in Spreadsheet 2.

It should work for all the cells and columns.

I have a script but it is working for only first A1 row.

function onEdit()
    var ss = SpreadsheetApp.getActiveSpreadsheet();
    var activeSheet = ss.getActiveSheet();
    var activeSheetName = ss.getActiveSheet().getSheetName();

    if( activeSheetName == "1st sheet" || activeSheetName == "2nd sheet" )
        var activeCell = activeSheet.getActiveCell();
        var activeCellinA1 = activeCell.getA1Notation();

        if( activeCellinA1 == getDataRange() )
            var activeCellValue = activeCell.getValue();
            if( activeSheetName == "1st sheet" )
                ss.getSheetByName("2nd sheet").getDataRange().setValue(activeCellValue);
            if( activeSheetName == "2nd sheet" )
                ss.getSheetByName("1st sheet").getDataRange().setValue(activeCellValue);

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