Is there a way to group rows by a term and insert this term as a header in Google Sheets

I have a list of books on Google Sheets that will be turned into a paged layout on InDesign. Each book has two additional information besides its title (year and theme).
Like this

Sample list of books

But I need this list to be structured in a stacked way. Grouping first by year, and then by theme, like this (I’ve formatted the cells just to clarify):

Stacked list

I currently do this stacking manually, and it requires quite a lot of time. Is there some sort of formula, or tool, to solve this problem? I guess it can be done with scripting, but I wanted to know if there’s a non-scripting way to do it before diving into Google sheets script documentation.

I think there is a little mistake in this exercise about the memoryless of Geometric Distribution.

An exercise of Jacod and Protter: Let $X$ be Geometric. Show that for $i, j > 0$,
$$P(X > i + j | X > i) = P(X > j)$$. I did it and I got a different asnwer:
$$P(X > i + j | X > i) = P(X geq j)$$
(The exercise is quite simple using Bayes Theorem)
¿Am I doing it wrong or what?
P(X > i + j | X > i) &= P(X geq i + j + 1 | X geq i + 1) \ \
&= frac{P(X geq i + 1 | X > i + j + 1) : P(X geq i + j + 1) }{PX geq i + 1) } \ \
&= frac{1 cdot (1-p)^{i+j+1}}{(1-p)^{i+1}} = (1-p)^{j} = P(X geq j)

Is there a way to view the device tree in Windows?

I recently started looking into the way that Windows manages its drivers and found out about the device tree and stacks. I was curious if there was a way to get this information about my system. I’m running Windows 10.

Just to clarify, it will be ideal if I can get the entire device tree. This means it should start from the root and go on till the physical devices.
Eg from the the Windows driver docs

However, even if that’s not possible and I can still view sub-trees(maybe based on components like network, usb, etc.), that would work too.

More details the better.

  1. If I can get the associated driver (and version) for the devices

  2. Know which devices are together in the device stack (Function DO, Filter DO, and PDO)

My final goal is to see if I can group drivers together. Thought if there a device tree already present, might try to use that.


Is there a magic weapon special ability that gives bludgeoning weapons an improved crit range?

Is there a magic weapon special ability, in Pathfinder, that gives bludgeoning weapons an improved crit range?

I know that in D&D 3.5, there was one called Impact, but in Pathfinder, the Impact weapon special ability is something quite different.

Stiglitz has suggested that there is a global tax regime of twenty per cent to avoid arbitrage – what would…

Corporations/Multi-nationals are able to avoid their tax obligations by arbitraging across tax jurisdictions. Stiglitz has suggested a global tax rate of twenty per cent to close this particular loop-hole. It would have to be globally enforced of course – but how can this be possible when we don’t have global government with a global police force?

What would it take to achieve something like this in the contemporary context?

Is there any way to rotate images in Trello?


I am constantly adding images to Trello cards to serve as their cover photos as well as to document things (Yay, I love visualizations!)

Out of habit, and sometimes because of the desired photo aspect ratio, I take pictures in portrait mode on my phone. Most modern desktop and mobile apps have no difficulty recognizing and orienting the photos properly, so I don’t notice they need to be rotated 90 degrees until it’s too late.

When I upload them to Trello however these photos are displayed horizontally.

Is there a name for when something is either plural or singular?

What word describes it when the choices are multiple or one? Is that plurality? I looked up plurality and it doesn’t seem to fit.

For example, I have a form that asks, “Do you want to send all widgets or one widget?” And the valid options are “Multiple” and “Single”.

In my form code I’m calling it “PluralityValue” and that is set to “Multiple” or “Singular” depending on what the user chooses.

Is this an accurate description?