Whenever I attempt to compose, my head contradicts every note I think of

I was listening to music, and I got a sudden burst of inspiration. Normally, I’ll just listen to my gut on what to start making, since if I wait too long, or think too hard, I tend to lose that feeling I have. Normally, I’d think of the notes that fit to the melody in my head, do it, and it would stick. Lately for some reason, every time I start humming or thinking of a melody, the notes that pop in my head completely contradict all logic or sound all together, even sometimes changing the key from major to minor or minor to major. Help?

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Can we add the phrase “do you think” in an interrogative sentence and not reverse the subject-verb order?

I was chatting with my friend and I asked him this question. But, then I was not sure if it was grammatically correct because I had never used the phrase “do you think” with an interrogative sentence.

Here is the simple interrogative sentence:

Which day should I tell him to drop the package?

Now, if we add the phrase “do you think” in this sentence, does it change the subject- verb order (as in 1)or does it remain the same as before (as in 2) ?

1) Which day do you think I should tell him to drop the package?

2) Which day do you think should I tell him to drop the package?

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Trying to think through a helper (or middleware) application


Here’s what I’d like to do. (using c# / Universal Windows)

Our business has a number of devices (industrial manufacturing – meters, test equipment…) used by our staff. I’ve written a series of .NET Core dlls to control and monitor each piece of equipment.

Not everyone needs the same equipment, so I’ve found myself creating a different UI depending on what the user needs.

On my helper app, I want to be able to create a form to select the equipment a user requires; click go, have the app add the 2-3 prewritten pages the user requires, tie the controls on those pages to the correct dll and finally create an executable.

I just can’t get my head around this. A few answers pointing me along the way would be appreciated.


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When playing scales and chords, should I think C D E, C-F-G or root 2 3, I-IV-V?

I try to practice playing some scales every day: C major, G major and A minor pentatonic. Recently I stopped trying to think as much of the position (“string 2 fret 3, string 3 fret 0, string 3 fret 2 …”) while playing and instead think the notes I play (“C, D, E, …”) to associate the position and movement with the name of the note. Then I realised that I have very little connection to the note’s “function” in the scale, so maybe it would be beneficial to consciously think “root, second, third, …” instead?

What would be most beneficial to think while practicing scales?

Similarly, when playing chord progressions from some song: Would I benefit from moving from thinking “C, F, Am, G” to thinking “I, IV, ii, V”?

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Downloaded a torrent of cracked software – think my Mac is now infected

So I downloaded a torrent of Apple Final Cut Pro.

There was a quick pop of either Terminal or Green looking terminal. The said application (green Terminal) opened and close, opened and close, and so on for a short period of time. It looked fishy so I didn’t know whether it’s a virus or not.

Can someone help me. Am I safe? Should I factory reset?

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