Question: Is my sore throat caused by cold air or lame attempt at trying to kill my self?

I tied a scarf around my neck and tightened it until my head felt tight and explosive for like less than ten seconds, then it untightened and I just left it on my neck for like 5-10 minutes.
I got scared and didn’t go through with it

Ever since then I’ve been having a sore/cold throat

how can I prevent gagging from mucus on back of throat when swimming?

It’s not the most glamorous question but its a very annoying problem. I like to swim about 1km without stopping, but I find every now and again I get thick mucus on the back of my throat that makes me gag or feel like Im about to gag. I have tried taking Ventolin, expectorants like Bisolvan, and have just started Nasonex. Have any other swimmers had this issue and what strategies do you have to prevent it?

Question: Tense throat and “lump in throat” feeling?

Suddenly lost the ability to swallow and neck tensed up immensely for an hour yesterday.

Still slightly a “lump in throat” feeling today but yesterday was a completely new experience to me.

Any thoughts on what happened?

I didn’t try any new foods, medications, drugs, etc… it just happened out of the blue and got worse for the hour and then subsided after much panic.

This is a repost since people never attempt to answer my questions

Question: Lump in throat and tense neck when swallowing?

Yesterday, I experienced some extremely uncomfortable tension in my neck and lost the ability to swallow normally. Every swallow felt like it wasn’t working, and each attempt was followed by an intense wave of tension down my entire neck. This continued for about an hour and gave me rolling panic attacks until my roommate was able to calm me down and get me to gargle saltwater and have some cough drops. I could breathe the whole time, but talking became extremely hard and very uncomfortable.

I guess I feel a bit more phlegm than usual, but I’ve never experienced anything like this before in my life. Hadn’t introduced anything new into my system in weeks, there’s really no reason I can see why this would happen…

Any clue what this is, or what could’ve caused it?

My only guess right now is something to do with my wisdom teeth extraction I had a few weeks ago, but I took incredibly good care of my mouth which included quitting smoking beforehand OR maybe some sort of autumn illness?