What is the return value when you call a non-existent function and the call goes through to the fallback?

Say I am expecting a result to be returned. What will happen to the return value when the call will go through to the fallback since the fallback does not return anything?

uint a = otherContract.bar();

where I expect bar to return uint but otherContract does not actually implement it

function bar () returns (uint);

Will a take a value? will the cal throw?

PET game, enemies attempt to break through several concentric sets of walls

I’m looking for another PET game, which I cannot find on various sites. It was one of the earlier ones – it was available when I first got access to the PETs circa 1981/82.

The user starts in the center of the screen and is surrounded by a series of concentric rectangular walls, two or three sets I think. There are gaps in the walls in the four cardinal directions.

Enemies appear outside the walls and begin moving inward. They will bump into the walls and remove a small part of them, but generally attempt to move towards the gaps and then approach you. Over several waves, the slight damage would add up and eventually new holes would appear that they could move through.

I recall that the characters used for the player and enemy were card suits? I think the player was the diamond?

I don’t recall how the action between the player an the enemy happened, although I do recall there was some timing involved as you peeked out from behind the walls to make quick attacks.

Split up the section or flow straight through

Is it a good idea to “split” the action/setting to show actions of other characters elsewhere, or make it flow straight through? Example: My protagonist gets kidnapped. There’s a scene where she is transported, two scenes where she is captive, then the big rescue scene. In a movie, it would break and go show other characters and what they are doing while she’s captive, then return to her. That’s what I’m wanting to do. Put in a scene of the rescue planning and another of her friend going about her day that doesn’t even realize she missing yet. But how does that work in writing? Thank you.

Question: Should I feel obligated to live with my mother when she s going through her second divorce? Or…

I’m a senior in high school and my mom and dad are getting divorced. I feel obligated to live with her and support her but it’s a detriment to me because I have to forfeit my time and energy focusing on school to help her. I’m starting to have my grades dip and I’m getting behind because of it. I feel like I’m forfeiting my future to something that isn’t in my control and I would feel awful if I left her to go with my Dad, but it would be much more effective for me to live with him and not worry

Can alloy wheels (for a car) pay for themselves through fuel savings?

Magnesium alloy wheels (aka mag wheels) are desirable to car enthusiasts due to an increase in performance, but with reduced weight there would also be a fuel saving.

Obviously prices and fuel efficiency varies for different cars and parts, but has anyone calculated whether the purchase cost could be justified through fuel savings in some cases?