Is 4:30 enough time to transfer from Orly to CDG?

I want to book a flight from Bucharest to Buenos Aires and I’ve found a good price with Air France which has a layover in Paris.

The only problem is that I should arrive on Orly airport and continue the next segment from CDG airport.

There are 4h30m between the flights.

Is it a safe option? Also, should I take my luggage with me between the airports or would the air company do that?

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0.218 BCH missing in transfer/transit from Bitcoin India to Coinomi wallet.

I sent 0.218 Bitcoin-cash from my Bitcoin India wallet to Coinomi wallet. The coins have been debited from from my BitcoinIndia wallet but they have not reached my Coinomi wallet.
I do have a confirmed transaction ID from Bitcoin India site – how can I search the blockchain for my coins via this transaction ID?
Is there some way I can find out the location of my coins. The sending address is confirmed to be correct and I have sent from Bitcoin-cash to Bitcoin-cash only !

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How do I solve this heat transfer question?

−The roof is a 12 inch thick concrete slab; the top surface can be either a white or black

‘coating’ as noted below

−Sun shines down on the roof at such that the irradiance on it is 800 W/m2(near noon on a summer day in our latitudes)

−It is 91◦F = 33◦C outside

−The convective heat transfer coefficient on the top (outside) surface of the roof is ho=28 W/(m2◦C)

−The convective heat transfer coefficient on the bottom (inside) surface of the roof is hi= 11 W/(m2◦C)

−The inside is air-conditioned to 25◦C; how much is for you to determine

−Ignore any thermal radiation other than that from the sun (i.e. the irradiance described above)

−Consider this to be a semi one-dimensional (more rigorously this would be zero-dimensional) situation: the roof is the only thing separating the inside from outside

-white material: Solar Reflect:0.61/ Thermal Emittance :0.79

-black material: Solar Reflect:0.25/ Thermal Emittance :0.83

−Take this to be a steady-state situation

a. The temperatures of the top (outside) and bottom (inside) surfaces of the roof

b. The mass flow rate of 14◦C air required to keep the inside air at 25◦C

c. Each of the heat fluxes at each system in the overall model. Is energy conserved at each? Is energy conserved for the entire model?

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Where to ask Pegasus for a free earlier connection: transfer desk or gate?

We’re two people going Zurich-Istanbul-Ercan with Pegasus and picked the second tightest connection, since if we miss the tightest connection and the next one is full (that specific flight is usually full in June) then we have to sleep in the transit area, which the other person wouldn’t like as it doesn’t have anywhere comfortable to sleep.

I’m aware that you can sometimes get an earlier connection for free if asking ground staff.

My question is: assuming the inbound flight makes it in time, is it the transfer desk or the gate staff right before boarding that I should ask whether we could possibly be put on the earlier connecting flight?

We’re only bringing hand luggage

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Finding the transfer function of a discrete signal described by two equations

A system of discrete is described by the following system of equations.

$$q[n] = big(x[n]-frac k4q[n-1]big)$$
$$y[n] = big(q[n]-frac k3q[n-1]big)$$

Find the systen function and then find the values of $k$ for which the system is stable. Also find the values of $k$ for which the system is of mimimum-phase.

Can anybody give me some guidelines as to how to handle this system of equations in order to find the system function?

This is an unsolved exercise given by my professor.

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Conditions for maximum power transfer in an AC circuit

So, if we’re given the circuit below:
enter image description here

Known values are:
$E_g=35 kV$
$f=685 kHz$
$underline{Z}_g=150 Omega$
$underline{Z}_p=(200-j300) Omega$

We have to calculate $L$ and $C$ to maximize the power transfer to the load $underline{Z}_p$.
Aside from the impedance matching condition: $Z_p=Z_g^*$, is there anything else that can help me solve this circuit?

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How to calculate transfer function H(s) of LC-parallel resonant circuit?

How can we calculate transfer function H(s) = Vout(s) / Vin(s) of this circuit?

enter image description here

I work with coplanar line and want to find equivalent circuit and transfer function for this. Working range: 1-10 GHz.

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How to easily calculate transfer function H(s) of LC-parallel resonant circuit with coupling capacitance?

enter image description here

How can we calculate transfer function H(s) = Vout(s) / Vin(s) of this circuit?

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Please help me set new order status for bank transfer payment to pending

I went to Admin Panel > Sales > Payment Methods > Bank Transfer Payment > New Order Status. I updated it to “pending” however when I place a new order the status still went to “processing”.

I tried this. I went to code/core/Mage/Sales/Model/Order/Payment.php:

protected function _authorize($isOnline, $amount)
    // update totals
    $amount = $this->_formatAmount($amount, true);

    // do authorization
    $order  = $this->getOrder();
    $state  = Mage_Sales_Model_Order::STATE_PROCESSING;
    $status = true;

I changed the STATE_PROCESSING to STATE_NEW to set it on “pending” but when I place a new order the status still went to “processing”.

My Reference

How can I change the new order status to pending for bank transfer?

My Magento version is

Here’s the screenshot:

enter image description here

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