Can Python 3.6 Script be turned into tool that will work in ArcGIS Desktop?

I have a Python 3.6 script that I want to turn into a tool for that I can use in ArcMap (10.5). Will that even work or will I strictly have to do it in ArcGIS Pro?

I couldn’t seem to find any documentation on this.

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Can a Python 3.6 Script be turned into a tool that will work in ArcGIS 10.5 Desktop

I have a Python 3.6 script that I want to turn into a tool for that I can use in ArcMap (10.5). Will that even work or will I strictly have to do it in ArcGIS Pro? I couldn’t seem to find any documentation on this.

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Proving that all lights can be turned off using linear transformations and vectors

There are $n$ light bulbs with at least one of them on. There are also several switches, each of which is connected to some of the bulbs. Flipping a switch will turn on the bulbs that were off and turn off the ones that were on. Suppose that it is known that for any non-empty set of lights, there exists a switch that changes an odd number of them. Prove that by flipping the switches, we can turn all lights off.

I think a correct way to approach this is to make a vector that represents whether a switch is connected to the bulb or not and make a linear transformation that takes in the switch as the input (probably related to $F_{2}^n$). I have no clue how to progress from here. Can somebody offer a hint? Thanks.

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Have any English words been turned foreign only to be then used again in English in an altered state?

What are some examples of English words that got taken into use in a foreign language in a changed state, and then subsequently re-entered the English language in state B or even state C.

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“Booting in insecure mode” when secure boot is turned on

I have a dual boot (UEFI) Windows 10 Pro and Ubuntu 16.04. During Ubuntu install IT asked me to turn off secure boot, so I did it, using the installer. When I finished installation, I turned secure boot on again in BIOS, but I keep getting this:

Booting in insecure mode_

Every time I start my PC, before entering GRUB. I checked it on Windows and it says that secure boot is enabled, same as my BIOS. I am attaching a photo of my BIOS config:

Obviously sorry for quality :-D

How can I turn secure boot back on so Ubuntu will see it as enabled? Is there any way to get rid of this annoying message? Thanks in advance 😉

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Optimus : Nvidia GPU turned ON whatever prime-select says

I turned off my Nvidia GPU with prime-select today after a few weeks running dual-screen on GPU. The laptop is a Thinkpad P51 / Intel Skylake Xeon / Nvidia Optimus Quadro M2000 with Ubuntu 18.04 up to date, Nvidia driver is 390.

The first thing I noticed after rebooting was the HDMI exteral screen was still on, which is not possible since the HDMI port is wired to the GPU and can’t work with the GPU off. So, nvidia-settings and nvidia-prime show that the active GPU is Intel, but in fact Nvidia is on.

Looking at the powertop output, my computer runs at 19-22 W idle and burns its battery in 4h, which is typical of the Nvidia GPU (on a fresh install, I did tests with Intel at around 9 W idle and it lasted almost 10h on battery).

Of course, I did all the apt autoremove nvidia* dance twice, reinstalled xorg etc. My GPU is on whatever I do. How can I force it off ?

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Can the Cantor space $2^omega$ be turned into a extremally disconnected space? [on hold]

I recently learnt that a topological space $X$ is “extremally disconnected” if and only if the closure of every open set is open in $X$.

It it possible to turn $2^omega$ into an extremally disconnected space?

Edit: By “turn into”, I guess it could mean that there exists some space which contains $2^omega$ as a subspace, preserves all its properties, but instead of being totally disconnected, it is extremally disconnected.

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Google Keep notifications if phone’s turned off

I use Google Keep to remind me to-do things. The problem is when the reminder is set at night, when the phone usually is turned off, I can’t get the reminder.


At 11 pm, I set the reminder to alert me at 8 am. Then I turn
off the phone. After night, if I turn on the phone before 8 am, I get
the reminder. If I do after 8 am, I don’t get any notification.

I tried the app on two phones, it was working on the old one, but not on the new one, a Huawei P20 with Android 8.
In settings I set the app to be managed automatically and then manually, with automatic startup and to work in background, even I’ve set the phone to ignore the app in Battery Optimization (which solved some problem), but still not working properly when turned off.
I considered alternatives, as other apps (but I’d prefer to use Google Keep) or let the phone on (but sometimes I have to turn it off). I’ve thought to change app version, to install an old one, I still have to try. I tried to turn on Google Keep notifications from Google Chrome, but I can’t seem to make it work. How could I do?


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sh: can’t access tty; job control turned off

Yesterday, I was programming GPIO controls for a robot in class and left for a few minutes to work with another group. I came back to find all the GPIO disconnected and sh: can't access tty; job control turned off on the screen.

So far, I have tried to reformat the SD card, used a different SD card, and typed disablesafemode into the recovery.cmd file. Nothing has worked so far.

Any suggestions?

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How much should battery voltage decrease when headlights turned on (with engine off)

With a fully charged battery and engine off, I turned on the headlights (+high beams) for about half a minute. The voltage at the battery posts decreased to 12.02V. After turning off the lights it was 12.8V. (I did not record the voltage before the test since it was fresh off the charger.)

Is this normal for a new battery?

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