Question: Do all university campuses have surveillance cameras all around the school?

I did not know that there were surveillance cameras at universities but i’m sure there are. I saw an area near the library that says there are security cameras all over that room/ floor. I feel uncomfortable and like there’s no privacy and like i’m always being watched.
I feel like there’s no privacy, no one’s up to any suspicious activity especially at a library. I just study and do school work, or read.
Now its starting to feel very awkward just reading books there, and sometimes i scribble in my journal or draw but i feel like they’re watching everything we do, even tracking your online searches/ internet usage. I have brought my personal books and journals to read or write there. But now i’m starting to feel like I can’t even read or write in public. when I wrote in my journal, I wrote super tiny, I don’t want my writing being seen, because there ARE cameras in the study area. This is stupid and i feel like there’s no more privacy.

Several websites unreachable on university network (w/o VPN)

So I don’t know how to properly explain this issue of mine that I’m experiencing, and that is as follows: In my university network, I cannot connect to select websites (even websites of my own university) through WLAN. However, when I use the VPN provided by the university, I gain access to all websites (using Cisco AnyConnect). Normally, this shouldn’t be the case; even without VPN, I am supposed to have access to any website (as is the case with my peers), funnier is, I never had any issues up until yesterday when this issue appeared out of the blue.

At home, everything works as usual, VPN or not. So I am at a total loss for what the issue could be.

Sorry for the fact that I haven’t provided any technical info like logs or something. I’m not that well-versed in ubuntu but I did try several solutions posted elsewhere and nothing worked. If there’s anything I can do to make the problem less vague, please let me know. What I do know is that I use Ubuntu 18.04.

Thank you so much for your time, and have a nice day 🙂

Is there a WiFi “bridge” router (or device) that can make a permanent hotspot from a University wireless…

There have been similar questions that seem to offer a WiFi “bridge” solution but I have tried several of these bridge routers and none of them work to “bride” a University WiFi that requires a Username and Password to log in. The TP link “bridge” router claimed to do just that, but after an hour on the phone working through it we find that they can not connect through a “portal” either.

Is there anyway at all of make an always on WiFi “bridge” or “hot spot”?

I have tried Windows 10 “Hotspot” but it times out, and for some reason Android hotspot just does not seem to work at all on this network.

Thanks all!

SSID:   [MyUniversity]wireless
Protocol:   802.11ac
Security type:  WPA2-Enterprise
Type of sign-in info:   Microsoft: Protected EAP (PEAP)
Network band:   5 GHz
Network channel:    161
IPv4 address:
IPv4 DNS servers:
Primary DNS suffix: [MyUniversity]wireless.[something]
Manufacturer:   Intel Corporation
Description:    Intel(R) Dual Band Wireless-AC 8260
Driver version:
Physical address (MAC): C2-32-73-69-0F-35

How can I not forget university mathematics? [on hold]

I am a first year undergraduate student of mathematics. Nevertheless, I have (self-)studied a total of 19 (UG and PG) books, cover to cover already, at home not in classes. The method of studying was to study a book (i.e. for first time) without doing the exercises with understanding at least 80% of it; in other words, “reading” or not involving in all technicalities. Afterwards, for second time I analysed every line of the book with doing all exercises.

However, even with twice study I have forgotten almost all of the 19 books. To be precise, if I take a test one week after I am finishing a book (the second cycle of studying) I would get a perfect score; on the other hand, if I take a test about 6 months after that initial test I would get 5%-10% score!

Quite the opposite, I do remember every mathematics that I have learned in high school and I will probably remember after 20 years!

I thought about that quite a lot and I cannot figure that out why is there such a big difference. Or more practically, what can I do to learn university mathematics as ‘mind-sticky’ as high-school mathematics?