Reasons for being vegetarian or vegan other than ethical reasons?

I met a lot of people that, even though they have strong reasons for being vegan or vegetarian, or even work saving or helping animals, etc. have failed to follow their principles and ended up including meat again.

Almost every vegetarian or vegan person I get to know has moved to vegetarianism for the same reasons I did (I’m moving in as well):

  • Ethical reasons (i.e., not eating other animals)
  • Trying to stop animal suffering (defending animals rights).

But, are there reasons besides the ones listed above?

I’m not saying they’re not great reasons, which I think they are, just trying to find out all other reasons.

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What is a good source of Vitamin B12 for a vegan?

My understanding is that Vitamin B12 is a vitamin that vegetarians and meat eaters get from animals and animal products; how can I obtain this vitamin as a vegan? Can I live without it safely?

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What are the main vegan or vegetarian organizations in Latin America?

Yep, simple and straight-forward: Which are the main veg*n organizations, collectives, etc. in Latin America? In which countries does each organization work?

Answer to the comments. Since Riker asks for the meaning of “main” word I suggest to mean it as in the common language; so this would mean “more popular, bigger, most known, most active organizations, etc.” Additionally a look on the definition could be useful: “chief in size, extent, or importance; principal; leading.

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Making vegan marshmallows at home

Is it possible to make vegan marshmallows at home and if so, how do I go about it? I guess the characteristics I’m looking for are:

  • that slightly squidgy mashmallow texture
  • toastable on a stick over a fire
  • can be put in hot chocolate without instantly melting or sinking

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Is it possible to feed a cat or a dog under a vegan diet?

I’ve read that cats cannot live on a vegan diet (they may even die). Is that true? Why is that? Is it the same with dogs?

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What American civil war era recipes are vegan/vegetarian?

What American civil war era recipes are vegetarian/vegan?

The only vegetarian dish I know of (and this may be a stretch) is potato dumplings, I modified this recipe into potato and carrot dumplings on kitchen.

The original recipe can be found in Civil War Recipes: Receipts from the Pages of Godey’s Lady’s Book.

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is QIN Leather, used for smartphone cases, vegan?

Recently I have been looking at smartphone cases and I am not sure what to make of what the QIN leather means when listed as a material. In some of the products, there is explicitly written QIN PU leather, where PU should mean polyurethane (bicast) leather which seems to be using animal leather but most of the adverts omit the PU part.

To give an idea, I was looking at covers for ASUS Zenfone 3 (ZE552KL), such as this one, but for future reference, any cover that shows up when searching for Nillkin QIN leather case.

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How can I make vegan ice cream myself without expensive equipment?

I really love vegan ice cream, and I would love to learn how to make it myself. I know the banana trick*, but I want something richer. The ice creams I buy are coconut, cashew or rice based. I have all of those available, but no clue how to turn them into ice cream. I want:

  • a smooth texture
  • ability to incorporate a range of flavours (salted caramel and peanut butter are my favourites)
  • to avoid buying any fancy gadgets – I have a cheap blender and a freezer
  • to avoid using refined sweeteners and cane sugar if possible

*you can freeze a ripe banana, throw it in the blender and zhuzh it, and it tastes pretty creamy and amazingly like ice cream. Life is so awesome.

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Is usage of corals vegetarian and/or vegan?

I did a quick google on the topic and the only sensible thing was this Yahoo answer. However, I wanted to check here as well.

Also, according to Wikipedia corals are animals (marine invertebrates) but according to the Yahoo answer corals are skeletal remains of marine organisms, which way it is? If the latter, then presumably it would be fine for vegans to use, as it does not harm or exploit the organism that produced it, right?

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Does a vegan diet help to reduce allergy symptoms?

Several studies have shown the positive impact that vegan diet can have on gut microbiota1. At the same time several studies have shown the connections between a gut in a poor status and the occurrence of allergic reactions1,2. Can vegan diet play a role in the reduction (or elimination) of allergic symptoms? Has any study been conducted on this topic?

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