What can I do to earn money, with the fleet of Virtual Private Servers I own?

I own a lot of servers, Virtual Private Servers in specific. Those resources are being wasted. How do I put them to good use to earn a substantial amount of money?

Please give me detailed ideas and suggestions.

P.S.: I’m a techie. To be more specific, a Python Developer, and a Linux Systems Admin.

Virtual Box rdp connection problem

I have Virtual Box 5.2 Installed on my Dedicated Server running on Ubuntu 16.0.4.
Since this Server obesely runs headless I have installed a ubuntu virtual machine via the command line with the help of this tutorial. The machine it self runs fine, since I got VM "ubuntu" has been successfully started. I started the machine in the headless mode, so VRDP should automatically be activated.

When I now try to connect with rdp://user@server_address:3389 (of course I added the right username and IP) I can’t open the rdp connection. Depending on the application I use, I get different error messages, most of them are something like they can’t establish the connection or there is an problem with the endpoint.

Did I miss something within the configuration?

Google Chrome Redirecionando para HTTPS em localhost ou virtual host

Bom dia a todos.

Recentemente, não sei se foi alguma atualização do google, o navegador deles passou a fazer uma redirecionamento estranho.

Tenho servidor apache e quando entro em uma url configurada no localhost, mesmo que ela seja virtual como por exemplo www.equipe.com, que aponta para o, ele não acessa de forma alguma, até mesmo em minha residência.

Ele falha por alguma configuração proxy e vai para o mesmo link que coloco, porém forçando o HTTPS ao invés de HTTP.

Alguém sabe me dizer o que pode ser ou se já passou por isso?
(OBS: Falha apenas no navegador google, os demais estão normais)

Cannot install Virtual Box on Mac

I don’t have much experience with Mac’s and am having trouble getting Virtual Box installed.

I have a MacBook Pro (Late 2011) running macOS High Sierra 10.13.6 and am trying to install Virtual Box 5.2.18. However each time the installer fails. Googling has revealed this is a common issue to do with “App Installation Security”.

Following the guide from https://medium.com/@DMeechan/fixing-the-installation-failed-virtualbox-error-on-mac-high-sierra-7c421362b5b5 I have disabled things with sudo spctl --master-disable and can see and have selected Anywhere in Security & Privacy. However VirtualBox still fails to install.

  1. Has anyone got any other suggestions I can try to get VirtualBox installed?
  2. Happy to use anything other than VirtualBox so I can install an Ubuntu guest on this macBook?

Virtual Box – Shared folder issue with Ubuntu 16.04

I have a Virtual Box GUI Version 5.1.14r112924 (Qt5.6.2) with a Guest OS Ubuntu-16.04.2 (64-bit) and as a host OS Windows 7 Enterprise.

My shared folder functionality and the ClipBoard mode used to work, but a few days ago, without an update from any component, the shared folder on my Guest OS was empty, while it was containing a lot of files on my host OS.

I installed the guest additions (5.2.8_KernelUbuntu r120774):

Session Information

And the folder is configured like this:

enter image description here

So the files from my C:/LocalData/Share should be available in /media/sf_Share/ but this is not the case 🙁

I tried to restart the Guest OS, update the Guest Additions from an ISO image (this also gave troubles):

enter image description here

I already tried to remove the Optical Drive from the Virtual Box and to read it, nothing helped. I could run the ISO from the mounted drive, but this also gave me an issue:

Because it was still mounted I could install it from there but it gave me errors.

What did work be to install them using apt-get:

sudo apt-get install virtualbox-guest-additions-iso

I also made sure that my user is added to the vboxsf group

sudo usermod -G vboxsf -a

And the rights are ok on the folder:

enter image description here

This installed them, but I cannot find a way to access the files on my host OS 🙁

I put a lot of effort into setting up my guest OS and configuring everything. I want to avoid to start over the config just for not being able to share files and copy text between host and guest OS.

Is there something else I could try?

Is there a way to measure the resonant frequency of any sound created by a virtual instrument

I was looking for a way to measure the resonant frequency of any sound created by a virtual instrument.

I am looking for an aid for better mixes in audio.

The resonant frequency in question is fairly contained in that the sound is mainly found in a software world.

Is there a formula?

A plug-in?

Thank you very much.



Can’t SSH into a Vagrant Virtual Machine

Local Vagrant machine installed at IP address with hostname lamp-vm.

Using vagrant ssh command, I can connect just fine and do everything I need.

This creates an error

$ ssh vagrant@lamp-vm -v -v

debug1: connect to address port 22: Connection timed out
ssh: connect to host lamp-vm port 22: Connection timed out

My /etc/hosts file contains lamp-vm.

My .ssh/config file looks like

Host lamp-vm
User vagrant
IdentityFile ~/.ssh/vagrant

I have tried the ssh command with and without the -i /path/to/.sh/identity_file as well.

How do I connect to my Vagrant Virtual Machine using SSH?