How do I connect My Ether Wallet to my Claymore Miner?

So I am very new to mining, and just recently picked up mining Ethereum rather than Bitcoin. I downloaded claymore miner, and created a wallet on Everything seemed correct, I got my address “0x42A28a8f37749f56f00955b3186EC0534a913e04” from the wallet, and put it into the start_only_eth file. I began mining, getting around 20 Mh/s, which is good. However, my balances will not update in How do I fix this, is there an obvious answer I am missing?

Copay Multi-user Wallet

I am very new to Bitcoin. My friend and I are doing a business that will accept Bitcoin as payment. I would like to know how easy it is to use Copay as a wallet that we can both share, and that will require both our authorizations to distribute Bitcoins into separate Bitcoin wallets for us? If someone could please answer this for me, I would be very appreciative.

Thank you!

How to run Monero-wallet-rpc on windows?

I downloaded monero-cli for windows, I double clicked monerod, when its synchronised I double clicked monero-wallet-cli, I created wallet, then I clicked monero-wallet-rpc, it gets closed within a second, I tried to use wallet rpc methods using postman but could not get any response, but when I use daemon rpc methods which are on 18081 as per official documentation, it gave me
a response. What am I doing wrong while accessing wallet-rpc methods?

can I Re- encryp my wallet with a wallet.dat file from before encryption

My computer crashed and I lost access to my bitcoin wallet.. before that happened I knew I had lost my passphrase so when trying to recover my wallet with my wallet.dat I looked for a very early dated wallet.dat and loaded that, when it came up it was not encrypted so I encrypted it.

and made a new passphrase should that bring my wallet back with all the coins with the new encryption

How to unlock a PENDING order in Monero Wallet GUI?

Yesterday I tried to send moneros from my Monero wallet GUI (v0.11.1.0).

But they are stucked since. So I updated the wallet to the last version (v0.13.0.3) two hours later.

Unfortunately, this morning they are still not sent with a Blockheight status as “PENDING” and a wallet status “Unlocked balance (waiting for block)”.

Blocks seem to be updated:

enter image description here

But GUI says is “waiting for block”:

enter image description here

HD wallet getting every time diffrent derivedPrivatekey from same derivation path

every time i am getting diffrent orderPrivateKey and address for same derivation path. but it should be same as i am not changing derivation path.

var bitcore = require('bitcore-lib');
var DerivationPath = "m/44'/145'/0'/0"
var hdPrivateKey = new bitcore.HDPrivateKey('testnet','xprv8ZgxMBicQKsPdsKyyKSwTJtBXWB1rbDwEAxW3xV6xwNeCHs3n9kvFsCZim8KKMgc3wVGRJR4kJ82t9mRRr8TZ3Ybpxqp8brRA7aMVDJgCt2');
var orderPrivateKey  = hdPrivateKey.derive(DerivationPath).privateKey;
var Address = orderPrivateKey.toAddress().toString();

can anyone explain it??

multi signature wallet change name under transaction

I have the key of a multisignature wallet. I made about ten transactions together with two other persons in this multisignature wallet.

for example we sent 10 BTC to a certain address a year ago
MISTER Z made the proposal for the transaction.
MISTER Z accepted the proposal for the transaction.
MISTER Y accepted the proposal for the transaction.
MISTER X accepted the proposal for the transaction. ( I am MISTER X)

Now when I look at this transaction of last year, I want to change my name from MISTER X into MISTER ABC. How do I change the name of the person that accepted the transfer?

What should I do if I change my BitCoin wallet?

At present, I use Electrum as my wallet, and I create private key and transfer some bitcoin to the Electrum wallet.

If I choose a new wallet such as BitGo wallet listed on, how can I pass bitcoin from old wallet to new wallet?

Do I must to send bitcoin from old Electrum wallet to the new address created by new BitGo wallet?

Lightest node capable of returning transaction information from RPC managed wallet?

I tried to run a Geth light node, but it seems I can not retrieve transaction information from the RPC server. I’m not sure whether that’s a limitation of the light node, or rather me not retrieving the information in the right way.

I run the command below to get the data, but it doesn’t seem to work:

$ curl --data '{"jsonrpc":"2.0","method":"eth_getTransactionByHash","params":["tx hex hash"],"id":1}' 
-H "Content-Type: application/json" -X POST
$ {"jsonrpc":"2.0","id":1,"result":null}

Is eth_getTransactionByHash supposed to work with a light node?

If not, what’s the lightest node (in terms of disk space required to sync the blockchain) capable of returning that information from the RPC server managed wallets?