Payment Methods enabled in different website views not showing

   public function __construct(
    ScopeConfigInterface $appConfigScopeConfigInterface,
    Config $paymentModelConfig
) {

    $this->_appConfigScopeConfigInterface = $appConfigScopeConfigInterface;
    $this->_paymentModelConfig = $paymentModelConfig;

public function toOptionArray()
    $payments = $this->_paymentModelConfig->getActiveMethods();
    $methods = [];
    $removedPaymentArray = ['checkmo','banktransfer','cashondelivery','free','purchaseorder'];
    //echo '
    foreach ($payments as $paymentCode => $paymentModel) {
        if (in_array($paymentCode, $removedPaymentArray)) {
        $paymentTitle = $this->_appConfigScopeConfigInterface
        $methods[$paymentCode] = [
            'label' => $paymentTitle,
            'value' => $paymentCode
    return $methods;

So for example, I have configured differently for two different website views. Unfortunately the website specific configurations don't show as two different payment methods. They actually don't show at all.

Are there any downsides to using Let’s Encrypt for a website’s SSL certificates?

On the advantages side, I see several benefits to using the Let’s Encrypt service (e.g., the service is free, easy to setup, and easy to maintain). I’m wondering what, if any, are the disadvantages to using Let’s Encrypt? Any reasons why website operators — whether big like Twitter or small like a local photographer — should not consider replacing their existing SSL services with companies like GoDaddy with this service?

(If the service is not yet available, this disadvantage can be ignored — I’m more wondering about disadvantages once it is available for general public use.)

From a website is there a way to detect if it is being viewed within a ‘wrapper’ as opposed to via Safari?

Is there any way, hacky or otherwise for a website to be able to detect if it is being viewed from within an Wrapper App, versus from Safari (or Chrome)? Is the user agent different for wrappers versus native ios browsers? Or is there some javascript function or Server variable that would give a clue?

Will suppressing breadcrumbs on mobile website work from an SEO perspective?

We have an automobile website with pages in following hierarchy:
Home > Make > Model > Variant
i.e. Home > Audi > A4 > TFS1 Premium Plus

We are showing the breadcrumbs on our desktop page but not showing them on mobile websites due to space constraints. Is there any SEO wise potential downside by not showing the breadcrumbs?

It would be great if someone can share any official google document or relevant case study for this.

Moving a website from Drupal to WordPress

i want to move a website from drupal to wordpress, keeping the hosting provider the same (siteground). please bear in mind my knowledge in these matters is very rudimentary (i have published a blog on wordpress before but never attempted a migration and have zero knowledge of drupal!).

this plugin FG Drupal to WordPress comes highly rated. in the installation process it includes a step:

Configure the plugin settings. You can find the Drupal database parameters in the Drupal file sites/default/settings.php

But i am at a loss where to find this, i am logged into the dashboard of the website as administrator. any help would be much appreciated!