Question: In 2 weeks I will attend a scholarship recipient night. But I honestly don’t know what to wear?

I have recently been awarded a scholarship and I will have to attend it or else I won’t get my scholarship? Is it gonna be so formal? So far I have an outfit it’s a yellow blousy top with white jeans and some knee high kinda brown boots. Or should I buy a dress?

Should we reapply wood conditioner if a piece has been sitting for a few weeks since the last application?

I had put wood conditioner on an oak piece I need to stain but I had something come up and now the piece has sat for a few weeks. Can I go ahead and stain it or do I need to repeat the process with the conditioner first?

How was the 70 weeks of Daniel understood over the ages?

What were the beliefs regarding the total fulfillment/non total fulfillment of Daniel’s 70 weeks prophecy before the Scoffield bible era?

I am especially interested in those who believed there was either 1 week or a half week left at the “end before Christ” returned.

However, I am also interested in those who believed the prophecy was totally fulfilled.

NOTE: I am looking for both early 1st century to Scofield bible opinions.

Question: Do you think it’s possible for a hairline wrist fracture to heal in 3 weeks?

So, I fractured my wrist playing soccer and they put a cast on it around 2 weeks later. However, it’s only a hairline fracture. They were all like, “if you’re going to fracture your wrist, this is the way to do it.” Anyways, they scheduled another appointment to take the cast off in 4 weeks. However, we reschedule it to exactly 1 week earlier (don’t ask why). So, do you think they are going to take it off? They said they will x-ray it first to see if its healed. I don’t know if this has anything to do with it, but if I move my arm quickly up and down, it hurts but only a little. I’m desperate to get my cast off. Do you think they will? Is there anyway for me to personally check if its healed? Thanks!