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Пишу программу на шарпе, возникла потребность развернуть программу во весь экран (например как это делается при просмотре видео) т е программа раскроется на весь экран и поверх всего, что включено. Как это можно реализовать на шарпе?

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unable to install windows or do anything

I kinda messed it up. It starts like this. Today I was working on upacking file with ollydbg and i download one more file (which required administration access) and while running it my laptop restated (like i pressed restart button from start menu).

After restarting it booted up to lockscreen and it frozs, after a couple of seconds I got that “windows 10 BSOD”, I mean on that blue screen with “:(” on it, and it restated again.

After restart I got message “No bootable device – insert boot disc and press any key”. Nothing I could do there. After that i went to System diagnostic option and scanned hard drive. Both memory test and hard disc check (fast and full) showed no problem.

I tried to do some things in BIOS, nothing special, messing up with boot order,and putting it back like it should be. No solution.

I plugged usb(without windows booted in usb) and it showed that there is not operating system found at usb. I downloaded windows 10 from friends laptop and made it bootable using Rufus . I tried to install it but i i got same error(no bootable disc found…). I tried with another usb with window 8.1 on it,same problem. On my friends laptop it works flawlessly.

I noticed something, it shows usb name from all usb’s, but I’m not getting “press any key to boot from usb” message anymore. It’s like my bios doesn’t support it anymore and i feel like I’m missing a lot of options from bios. I don’t have “secure boot,UEFI enabling/disabling…”, all from boot i got is boot order. It’s like half of my bios disappeared (I’m not sure if it was present before,but watching people with same bios (insydeh20) they got all of that options. restarting bios to default makes no difference.

I’m stuck,any suggestions?

HP Pavilion G7 with windows 10 installed (default win 7)


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How to restore the Lumia 1020 with native applications and Windows 8.0?

I updated my Lumia 1020 with Windows 8.1 and came across the error 80072f8f.

I searched solutions for this error and I opted for the hard reset.

However the native applications were uninstalled. I imagined it would be a restoration as occurs in notebooks.

But it simply deleted the native applications and has maintained Windows 8.1.

Is there a way to restore the device with native applications such as Nokia Pro Cam?

Is there a software to do that, a file image of the manufacturer to restore the phone?


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How can I access my Windows from Grub again?

I have been dual booting Ubuntu and Windows 10 for quite a while now and noticed that after the most recent update in Ubuntu, I cannot access my Windows 10 partition from Grub anymore.

I have already reinstalled/repaired Grub and even updated it.

Does anyone have an idea how to go about this


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Node-Webkit uses node-notifier on Windows. How to set AppId?

I tried to use node-notifier in NWjs on Windows 10. It did not work. Later, I found the announcement below in the node-notifier npm page but my Windows version is 1803 not 1709. Do I need to set up the AppId? How to set it on NWjs? I am using Webpack and NWjs 0.27.4.

Windows 10 Fall Creators Update (Version 1709) Note:
With the Fall Creators Update Notifications on Windows 10 will only work as 
expected if the correct appID is specified. Your appID has to be exactly the 
same as registered with the install of your app. You can find the ID of your 
App by searching the registry for the appID you specified at installation of 
your app. For example if you are using the squirrel framework your appIDwill 
be something like com.squirrel.your.app.

Default behaviour is to have the underlying toaster applicaton as appId. 
This works as expected, but shows SnoreToast as text in the notification.

Snoretoast is used to get native Windows Toasts!

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way to develop iOS app with react native on windows?

Is there any way to develop iOS app with react native on windows? (Except install hackintosh or install mac on vm)

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Can you run Docker natively on the new Windows 10 (Ubuntu) bash userspace?

My understanding was that the primary limitation of running docker on other OSs was the Linux Network containers that made it possible. (Certainly for Macs).

Recently Microsoft announced a beta of a Ubuntu linux user mode running natively on Windows 10. This can run binaries compiled in ELF format on Windows (unlike cygwin which requires a compilation.)

My question is: Can you run Docker natively on the new Windows 10 (Ubuntu) bash userspace?

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How do I enable Automatic Logon in Windows 7 when I’m on a domain? why I need to delete AutoLogonCount key and AutoLogonChecked key?


How do I enable Automatic Logon in Windows 7 when I’m on a domain?

why I need to delete AutoLogonCount key and AutoLogonChecked key?

what happen when the pc start un-attended and it is the day when the password need to be changed?

thank you

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logon.exe: Windows 7 (Italian) Error: computer is not locked. nothing to do

I am working in a Windows 7 (Italian) computer and have set a login method with user and password.

I have done a scheduled task to automatically start the logon.exe -u test -p passtest (no “-k key1 key2”)(perhaps I need but I do not know what to write).

It is not working.

The log file tell me always “computer is not locked. nothing to do.”

Can you give me some advice? many thanks

PS: from Auto-Logon without registry hack in Windows 7 with Domain Account

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Maximize windows just like Windows on OS X

I have owned a MacBook Pro for a year, however at work I use a Windows laptop. Since I really like the functionality to maximize a windows by just pushing it to the top of the screen, I would like to have that on my Macbook too.

I am using Spectacle to assign shortcuts like “windows” to maximize a window, which works well and I recommend it.

However, is there any application to maximize a window like the way you can do it on a Windows laptop/pc, just by pushing the window to the top of the screen?

Note: I mean maximize window, not fullscreen.

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